PHOTO: What Are These Giant Lines In the Philadelphia Sky?

Please, somebody, tell us.


UPDATE: Can HAARP, chemtrails or Cecily Tynan explain any of this? Read the followup here.


I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but while in West Philadelphia, I noticed these gigantic lines in the sky over Philadelphia. Never seen anything quite like this before, so I’m hoping that someone out there has a good explanation. Because right now, it feels a bit like the beginning of some sci-fi movie where terrible things happen to the planet.

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  • CWK

    Saw the same crazy lines. So curious. I’m surprised there doesn’t seem to be more info about this. Nothing I’m googling looks quite like it.

  • From East Falls, yo. So weird!

  • C

    Glad to find something about them… I saw them too. Really strange.

  • Guest

    That’s an aircraft contrail casting a shadow against a cloud that is at a lower altitude.

    • victoria slash

      contrails dissipate after short while, no matter what altitude, a TRUE contrail dissipates… a cloud seed will linger and eventually spread into larger streaks of the cloud, eventually enough cloud seeds, the whole sky becomes blanketed in cloud. sometimes they are successful and there is rain or snow, either way, weather modification is real and 100% provable. as well as contrails are real, but there is huge and distinct differences in both.

      • It isn’t true that all contrails dissipate in a short time.

        It all depends on the relative humidity of the air (which is relative to pressure and temperature). If the air is supersaturated with water, the contrails are unlikely to dissipate. In that case the clouds were just waiting to form and would have eventually formed on their own anyway through spontaneous nucleation.

        • no name

          its very dry and cold here so does that not dispel your conclusion

          • First, I have no idea how long these contrails persisted. I’m speaking only in general, and not of these in particular.


            “The fact is it is very difficult to measure humidity in a specific region at a specific altitude, at a given time, the best you can do is make a rough prediction. Measurements are made by weather balloons at just a few stations that average 235 miles apart, at 12 hour intervals, and then local predictions are extrapolated from this. The weather balloons can drift as much as 100 miles in their ascent, so you never know where the measurements are coming from. Humidity can vary by as much as 80% in a 12 hour period, and vary by similar amount over just a few miles. The fact that the contrail is spreading is actually a far more accurate indicator of high humidity than the available humidity predictions. NASA’s own experiments (below) show persisting contrails over a large range of calculated humidities, even down to 10%.”


          • genesis667
          • Flint Ironstag

            Nice counter argument numbskull! That oughtta show him!

          • David


        • Jax

          contrail do dissipate, chemtrails linger and mingle with each-other like a big party then the party gets outta hand and like a big orgy all the contrails merge into one big sheet of barium and aluminum oxide being suspended by radio waves bouncing off the ionosphere. You can see the patterns in the sky and all the info is online. There are many weather modification programs by many names, as for the spraying of nanoscopic metals the program is called SRM (Solar Radiation Management) ~Peace

        • Steve Svensson

          For a contrails to remain for a long time, it has to be full of particulates, as the water molecules requires something to cling to. Chemtrails are full of particulates.

          • And just how do “normal” clouds persist a long time?

          • wastedmercy3

            chemtrail and clouds ARE NOT THE SAME!

          • Typing it in all caps MAKES IT TRUF!

        • wastedmercy3


        • Kyle Sainz

          even if that is true did you know geo-engineering scientist have been talking about spraying aluminum into the atmosphere for years?

          • Yes, and I also know that there are even patent applications for various geo-engineering strategies. But talk and patents do not a conspiracy make (see “patent squatting” for reasons why someone would file patents on processes they have no intentions to commercialize).

            Last year there was international outrage when a private businessman (Russ George) dumped iron into the oceans in an unauthorized experiment to soak up CO2 (by stimulating plankton growth). His real aim? To sell carbon credits on a market that doesn’t exist (yet).

            That experiment was done in violation of two U.N. resolutions that prohibit such geo-engineering and it generated international outrage (insert jokes about U.N. impotence here).

            Is it possible aluminum is being sprayed into the atmosphere today, in a conspiracy by scientists and government officials? Sure it’s possible. But it isn’t likely and the evidence I’ve seen to date doesn’t support the extraordinary claims that the chemtrail believers make.

            The “backfire effect” suggests that when people are presented with evidence that is contrary to their views, they double-down and seek out more evidence to affirm their views. This makes it extremely difficult if not impossible to change the mind of someone with a tightly-held belief. This goes for me as much as you or anyone else here, and knowing about it isn’t sufficient to overcoming it.


            The only mind I have the power to change is my own. So why bother? Well, there are plenty of uninformed people who haven’t made up their minds.

          • Skinsuit Tim

            All you have to do is look up on a daily basis and you will see the chemtrails and see the artificial clouds they are making. This isn’t a conspiracy theory like it’s being propagated. It is happening right in front of our eyes. It’s hidden in plane sight!

          • I do look up on a daily basis. Most days I also make time lapse videos of the sky. I see the flight patterns, and observe how some days the planes flying in the same flight corridor leave contrails (those are higher humidity days), while on other days there are no persistent contrails from the same flight corridor even though there are a similar number of planes flying that route (easier to see at night than daytime if they don’t leave contrails).

            I also see how when planes fly over mountains, there will be contrails only above the mountainous terrain (because the humid air that is closer to the ground is forced higher to go over the mountains).

            I’ve also manually taken hundreds of still photos of contrails over the last few years. I don’t have the bandwidth to post everything I shoot, but some of my better work can be seen on flickr (both as still photos and time lapse videos):


            I’ve even sat outside with my laptop displaying data from and used a software-defined radio that receives the ACARS signals from airplanes, so that I could analyze where the planes were coming from and going to as they passed over. I used the SDR to verify that the data shown to me on planefinder was accurate– really only one of them was necessary to identify the origin/destination/airline/flight#.

          • Andrew Gilbert

            it’s ok….all of us who know the truth about chemtrails shouldn’t waste our time arguing with someone who wants to push that contrails do the same thing. most likely it’s a person hired by the government to do exactly what is happening here. Only use your time and energy to discuss with like minded individuals

      • Random

        But look how low the Sun is it should be above to give those shadows…

        • Jeff Pissedoffpatriot Dudley

          because the airplanes can’t fly higher than the sun… SMH!!

      • user

        “contrails dissipate after short while”
        Patently False. Contrails aren’t much more than frozen water and they dissipate quickly _only_ if the air is dry enough. If there is enough water vapor, the contrail ice won’t sublimate quickly and will last for long periods of time.

    • wastedmercy3

      yeak OK that is a chemtrail funny im 54 this is the first time i have seen one!

      • Skinsuit Tim

        Start looking up, and looking it up!

    • guest

      The sun is in the wrong position to give off those shadows that you are describing.

    • Guy N. Burgess


  • Lee Carpenter

    That’s a jet contrail casting a shadow against a cloud that is at a lower altitude.

    • Karen Fanders

      I didn’t believe it at first, but you had it right on the nose.

    • wastedmercy3


  • Skinsuit Tim

    It is called a “chemtrail” and there is loads of information out there on this. There are multiple uses for chemtrails but one of the main uses is weather modification. They block the sun, they can make it rain, and they can make it snow. These pictures are showing where the the chem-clouds were turned into rain. Look up Scott Stevens at

    • JDubyah

      Actually, it’s the shadows of contrails. You can research the science behind it, rather than just hopping on the easy-to-understand bunk of ‘chemtrails’.

  • John Burdumy

    I took this in West Chester, about 40mins west of the city

  • John Burdumy

    Here’s another, I’ve never seen contrails cast shadows like that before, it was pretty cool

    • Guest

      I’m just not buying the “shadow” thing. Those don’t look like shadows, it looks more like something drove across the clouds and left tracks. Chem trails/contrails are white or grey against the blue, not the opposite.

      • Guest

        …and of course I found out I’m dead wrong :-P

    • Karen Fanders

      I didn’t believe it, but found a great shot that shows the trails above these.

    • victoria slash

      god must be fourwheeling again.

      excellent images you’ve shared.. they are cloud seed trails. once you’ve begun noticing them, you’ll see them everywhere. I just wish they would start making them awesomely bright colors for the fun of it!

      • Michelle Province

        Sure, then you watch while having your Mountain Dew and McDonalds, after you’ve had your discounted vaccines at Rite-Aid.

  • Skinsuit Tim

    Watch these free movies to understand whats going on here. There called Chemtrails. Just go to google images and search it. There everywhere!

    “What In The World Are They Spraying”

    “Aerosol Crimes”

    “Shade- The Motion Picture”

    • And then read what atmospheric scientists have to say:

      • And my own original writing on the subject here:

        • James J. O’Connor

          Poster child for either lack of research, or denial of obvious.

          • You bumped a nine month old comment thread just to render your opinion on me?

      • genesis667

        Have you always been completely gullible?

        Do you go Bahhhhh bahhhhhh…

        There are SEVERAL air force whistle blowers that have spilled the beans on chemtrails, not that it takes a genius to tell the difference anyway since chemtrails hang in the air for hours on end—-The Air Force whistleblowers admitted they are spraying 49 different chemicals in the sky—Good lord how did you become so damn gullible!

        Here is just ONE whistleblower–There are DOZENS more…

        Bahhhhhh bahhhhhhh bahhhhhh….,

        • JDubyah

          She’s not a ‘whistleblower’. She’s someone who’s out of work and using her formal job title as a launching pad to get some attention. All she has is stories, and they’re not even her own – she’s just been coached to project the same talking points as other chemtrail hoax believers. She tells stories, but doesn’t show evidence. Ever. She has nothing.

  • John Burdumy

    I’m definitely not going to get into a chemtrail discussion, but please don’t act like you know for a fact that those are chentrails and not just a naturally occurring contrail that results from a jet engine flying through air and a particular altitude, with a particular humidity level. You’re either just trying to scare people or you’re being ridiculous by believing that the only option here is that these are chemicals sprayed out of a plane. Contrails are a 100% provable thing. Chemtrails are a theory, and unless you’re high up in certain company, you’re just guessing that they’re chemtrails and not just simple jet contrails

    • Skinsuit Tim

      The point is chemtrails exist. You can’t rule out the posilbilty that this could be part of a weather modification program. Think about it.

      • Guest

        Paid for by NJ

      • user

        The point is chemtrails _do not_ exist. Bring proof in the form of high-altitude air analysis. But you don’t have that, right?

      • Cowboy

        I blame terrorist, aliens, corrupt officials, politicians, global warming and illuminati…. wait I could have just said Obama.

        • Skinsuit Tim

          Somebody who sprays a population without their consent IS a terrorist. Corrupt officials and politicians do deserve a lot of the blame for supporting and not stopping aerial spray programs. Their excuse for it is combatting global warming. Obama is not the person to blame although he does hold responsibility for our national security. Chemtrails are happening globally and have been going on long before Obama was president. Secret Orders have control of the country such as “The Council On Foreign Relations,” “The Trilateral Commission,” “The Bilderberg Group,” “Skull and Bones,” and even “Freemasons” and “Luciferians”. Aliens also can’t be completely ruled out because who believes that were the only ones that exist in this vast universe. There are endless reports of UFOs spottings and encounters. Things aren’t that simple Cowboy.

          Listen to meteorologist Scott Stevens explain:

    • victoria slash

      cloud seeding is a viable business and very lucrative. perhaps research the facilities that sell the aerosol adapters and how busy their operations are. contrails are 100% provable, but cloud seeding is just as 100% provable. weather modification is a very real thing, not necessarily scary, but very real. also search geo-engineering. I mean, no reason to frighten anyone to any degree, just regular old weather modification is true and happening, just about everyday.

      • Josh D.

        Here’s an article from the Denver Journal.

        “After the flood: Ski areas crank up cloud-seeding programs”

      • Flint Ironstag

        The attempts at weather modification are real but none of them actually produce results.

    • Cat Fish

      shh people as stupid as you should never be allowed to speak ‘ i suppose the flipping moon is normal for you too,or have you noticed the moon doing a full 180 of the phase shadow from rise to set,in one single night every night flipping the 29 day phase shadow to wax/wane in a single night,,, that alll normal for ya too buddy ?

      • user

        Yes. It is called not knowing what you are taling about, which is what you do. In fact, the “horns” of the moon seem to point higher or lower depending on the season and your latitude.

  • Karen Fanders

    I took a couple of shots myself on my way home from work, freaked me out a bit. I don’t mean to sound like such a skeptic, but I never saw blue shadows before.

    • Karen Fanders

      Of course right after I post this I see one shot that might actually show the original trails throwing the shadows. Hey, blue shadows still freak me out, tho!

      • Karen Fanders

        Yup, hate to admit when I;m wrong, but that appears to be it.

        • Skinsuit Tim

          What your calling the original trails look a lot like chemtrails. Please look it up, and look up.

          • Karen Fanders

            I did look it up. Contrails, most likely, considering my husband is a pilot. He said “contrails in reverse”, which sounded silly, but he WAS half asleep. What “guest” and John B. said turned out to be right after all. Didn’t look like a shadow at first.

          • Skinsuit Tim

            Your appeal to authority is very funny considering he WAS half asleep. Good one! lol That proves it

          • Karen Fanders

            Your desperation to force-feed people conspiracy theories is showing. I told him about your “chem trails” just before he left this morning, and he rolled his eyes. My sentiments exactly.

            I run across people like you now and then on the boards; I believe the going term for your kind is “troll”.

          • Skinsuit Tim

            Yes, troll for truth! Some people love being poisoned. It’s a sad state of affairs when you care to help people and they spit in your face. Good luck with that……

  • LibertasBelle

    The sheeple love their slave masters. Don’t read this! The DoD NEVER
    released document “Chemtrails” in 1990 for pilots in the U.S. Air Force

  • Sheila Aliens

    By ryan mccor…

  • iagozdi212

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  • genesis667

    For the dummies that think chemtrails are contrails—Get a CLUE!
    Here is the AIR FORCE MANUAL–

  • Ferzine

    I’ve seen this once before….one line and the weirdest part was an aircraft following the line…spraying white over top…

  • h love

    if you don’t believe in weather modification you don’t read, and look for the details

    there are hundreds of patents on weather modification

    and here is a good way they have started to let the info out

    on that tv show 1,000 ways to die
    they showed a man that died from concrete falling from the sky in Russia

    turns out the government trying to get it to rain ( during the early days of weather mod in the seventies) seeded the clouds with dry ice and dry cement. I missed the reason why but basically it was an experiment – however the concrete clumped and it stuck together and rained concrete.

    this was 40 years ago people

  • mspazmum

    It appears to be from like two planes flying beside eachother. Wich is possible if any military bases are around and its just lower

  • Manfrom Modesto

    While I lived in West Philly (former owner of Sam’s at 45th and Pine), I had several dreams of Philadelphia being lifeless, with signs of street fighting having taken place. I also saw citizens training in secret for urban warfare. It is time to think about possible destinations when you leave. Do NOT get into any white vans or take the trains to the government-built (designed by Dick Cheney) camps. Those who go there will be exterminated.

    If you don’t know Jesus- ask someone. You don’t need church, you need to walk with God, in the Holy Spirit. You need to live right and obey Jesus’ commands (clarifications of God’s commands.) Peace.

  • sal

    its a black chemtrail, I ve seen these, Its a chemtrail casting a shadow.

  • Cori G.

    Terrible things ARE happening to the planet – these are chemtrails (not normal disappearing contrails). Please do some research on this, and join others of us who are doing our best to push disclosure of this nefarious program.

  • Steve Svensson

    Yes, these are chemtrails that are full of silver iodide. It’s part of a Global Govt program being operated through the IPCC, and it called Solar Radiation Mgmt. SRM.

    SIlver iodide is an excellent nuclei, and also an excellent heat conductor, so when they shoot microwave pulses at a storm full of silver iodide, they can easily heat it up, and increase the energy of the storm, and to some degree, direct it.

    • wastedmercy3

      Steve is right! Here is the United nations own website

      • Steve Svensson

        Thanks for that link. I think pg 12 says it all, doesn’t it. I printed that page out, as a picture is worth 1000 words. In effect, fracking and injecting aerosols through weather modification techniques, they are altering the Earths natural rythms, or albedo… The pumping of liquid CO2 into the ground is to feed synthetic bacteria called cyanobacteria (reported in the news as blue green algae). The Gulf Oil Spill kicked the whole program off, and now we have this;

    • Josh D.

      Speaking of microwaves reacting with the aerosol…

      November 10, 2013: Microwave beam forms Tropical Storm ‘Zoraida’ – rotation begins upon pulse

    • JDubyah

      Silver iodide is used for Cloud Seeding, which is an actual, very old, publicly talked about means of weather modification to try to make some clouds rain over areas that need it. It has nothing to do at all with any of the other stuff you’re talking about. That’s all just making stuff up.

  • Mike.

    Look into “Chemtrails” and “Geoengineering.” It is disgusting!

  • ducci

    these are from chemtrails i have over 300 pictures thousand like this nature nothing odd and chemtrails are sprayed then harrp is activated and the clouds are ionized and any type of cloud can be moved etc. the government controls the weather

    • Flint Ironstag


  • Guest

    In my humble opinion what is seen pictured here is two freshly layed quem trails on top of a chem trail blanquet covering the skies.

    I see these ones quite often here in San Diego. My theory is as follows: Since these quem trails are made mostly of aluminum particles “which is one of the most light reflective materials there is on earth”, there is a lot of light reflection. This light reflection works like a mirror and as such “it only does it in one way, direction, or angle (degrees) in relation to the sun’s position at a given time.”

    When another chem trail full of aluminum is layed on top, the reflection of that second quemtrail cancels out the previous one, making the white quem trail blanket almost disappear. At that point what you see is the blue light and colors of the sky that because of the null reflection can now be appreciated. Look and see how it is a blue clean line, what you are looking at is the sky due to a reflection cancellation effect. This same phenomena can be seen at night under the effect of the moon’s light as well.

    To that end, chem trails are being permanently spread upon us, whether we can see it or not. Whether it is already cloudy or not.

    Thanks for letting me share my opinion.
    Thanks for sharing the great photos.
    Stay informed – stay ahead of the game.

  • SoCal SkyWatch

    Geoengineered Snow Storms Wreaking Havoc around the Globe

    Engineered Ice Nucleation Cools Air Masse

  • Erik Rossi
  • Erik Rossi

    Its pretty sad that this has been going on for decades and people are just now starting to finally look up and notice it. I wonder how many of you know (or care) that they dump fluoride into the water too. Were being soft killed thru the air, water, food, vaccines and having our minds warped and manipulated by the mass media. Your owners have it down to a science. Try to snap out of it and break your conditioning. Its your only hope.

  • homm

    i saw them too..freaky!

  • Donna Henry Beard

    Oh geez here we go again. Contrails are normal exhaust from a jet reacting to the moisture in the air. They disappear almost as fast as the jet does going across the sky. Chem-trails however, stay and spread across the sky. Contrails are bad enough on there own, jet fuel pollutes the air too, but Chem-trails inject so many toxins into the sky that I really can’t believe that people aren’t marching on the government by now. Funny how we are so broke, yet we still have money enough to fly all of these jets all over the country on a daily basis ……. just saying.

    • user

      Yes, here we go again. Contrails will stay and spread _as any other cirrus-class cloud_ if the conditions are right: it’s under 0.01ºC and the water pressure is over 0.006atm (which is not the full air pressure, just the water vapour). In these conditions, water vapour out of the jet will freeze almost instantly (due to the cold) but won’t be able to sublimate like CO2 does at room conditions (due to the relative high water content in the air).
      This process explains why sometimes the contrails last just a few seconds (high enough for the water to freeze, not enough water in the air to keep it frozen), why sometimes they last very long (already explained) and why sometimes they don’t even form (usually because the plane is low enough that the water vapour doesn’t even have the opportunity to freeze).
      All phisically explainable, all phisycally predictable, and no extra entities needed: no need for extraneous chemicals, no need for conspiracies that requires thousands and thousands of people to keep quiet.
      If you live somewhere where you get way under 0ºC you can run this test both on dry days and wet days:
      If the air is wet enough, voila, instant chemtrail.

  • Kyle Sainz

    chemtrails… geo-engineering scientist are already talking about doing it (this is fact)…. were just saying they ALREADY ARE

  • BZ

    The aerosols are dispersed via jet aircraft trails that expand into reflective artificial clouds … Global aerosol spraying (SAG and SRM, stratospheric aerosol geoengineering and solar radiation management)

    Look up and wake up.

  • wit wats

    I see that people posted links to our 1st film detailing the concepts of the fully deployed geoengineering schemes existing today called, “WHAT in the World are They Spraying?” You should watch our critically acclaimed, award winning, ground breaking 2nd documentary called “WHY in the World are They Spraying?”

    • user

      Critically acclaimed? Hey, TLOTR may have also been critically acclaimed… and it’s not any less real than your delusions.

  • Skinsuit Tim
  • Kim

    I know I won’t ever be buying Chanel with that big ad right in my face.

  • poopiehead


  • Christy Spindler Tseu


  • Skinsuit Tim
    • user

      What’s surprising about that? A cloudy sky possibly affected by a gravity wave (the result of specially violent collisions between solar wind particles and the high atmosphere) and a contrail to give it some flavour.

  • Thomas Paine


    • user

      Treason? THIS IS SPARTA!
      Joking aside, no, the White House isn’t sprayed, the same way nowhere else is, because the “chemtrails” _do_ _not_ _exist_.
      Please do yourself a favor and consider: which altitude do crop dusters fly at? Which altitude do rain-seeding planes fly at?
      Once you have those two points of data, consider: who on Earth would be stupid enough to even think that spraying at 33000 feet high would ever affect, even minimally, clouds that are usually kilometres below or even people on the ground when the supposed particles will be dispersed over thousands of square kilometres? You would need to have chemtrails every second of every day all over the sky to even have a small hope of a relevant amount of particles reaching the clouds… or the ground. Guess what? You don’t have them, you don’t have those particles, and you don’t have anything to worry about except the tested fact that the persistent contrails act like their natural cousins, cirrus clouds, in reflecting sunlight back into space before it has the chance to heat the Earth up.

  • Diane Friday

    Chemtrails are real. They were pointed out to us back in late 2001 or early 2002. We’d seen an inordinate amount of what we thought were contrails in the sky at the time, but thought nothing of it since the US was involved in yet another war, and wrote off what we were seeing in the sky to training missions or heavy military aircraft activity. Exactly what’s in them or why it’s being done is information only those behind the daily chemtrail dosing will ever have. I can’t remember the last time there were no KC-135s in the air, spraying god knowsam what and obliterating the sun. There have been many days that start off with a clear, bright blue sky, but before long the trails start appearing. Sometimes it’s subtle and the resultant cloud cover is relatively thin. Other times it’s so blatantly obvious that I can’t imagine how no one notices. This past Saturday, for example, I went out around 1:00 pm. The sky had been blue in the morning, but I noticed the sunlight started to look watered down. I looked up, and saw what could very well have been a recreation of the bombing of Dresden during WWII. There were chemtrails in a perfect fan formation, which is very common, and it seemed they were evenly spaced, covering every bit of the visible sky from horizon to horizon. The objective, as always, seemed to be to blot out the sun. Because even though it was a perfect fan pattern, it was obvious the sun was the “target”. And, on days when there is relatively little activity during the day, an ugly chemtrail “soup” can be seen covering the sun at sunset, sometimes at sunrise as well.

    I am not a “conspiracy nut”; I am aware. I look up. My partner is ex-Air Force and very well acquainted with all aspects of aircraft design and maintenance. No, normal contrails do not linger for hours, nor do they coalesce to form a complete cloud cover. Normal contrails dissipate. Period. And real clouds don’t have a distinctive and unpleasant odor. After a day of heavy chemtrail spraying, there are two distinct smells that I’ve noticed for years now: a yeasty, egg smell, and, more recently, the coppery smell of blood. These odors are particularly noticeable on one’s clothing, depending upon the fabric. It seems to cling to cotton and certain polyester fabrics in particular.

    I should add that I have never been abducted by aliens, I have never seen Sasquatch, the Jersey Devil, or Chupacabra, and I have never bumped into Elvis at our local 7-11. Chemtrails are not a figment of my or anyone else’s imagination. I wish they were.

    • user

      “I am not a “conspiracy nut”; I am aware.”
      I may let the first one pass, but not the second. You are clearly _not aware_ of atmosphere dynamics, how the temperature changes with altitude and the effect temperature and humidity have on water vapor.

  • pepe

    off with there heads…soon all the shit will be told and we will punish those responsible…soon…Slaves no more.

  • William McKinley

    These are chem trails like the hypoderm leaves in your lower left arm.

  • noneurbusiness

    I’ve been seeing these a lot lately. I’m in NE Ohio. I had never seen these before until a few weeks ago. I’ve noticed these at all times of the day so the sun “casting shadows” isn’t the reason for these. They are literally lines in the sky that move with the clouds. Like I said, it’s just been a few weeks since I started noticing these. I’d never seen them before. I’ve seen plenty of chemtrails but never these.

    • user

      “I had never seen these before until a few weeks ago.”

      You had never noticed, which is quite different.

      “I’ve noticed these at all times of the day so the sun “casting shadows” isn’t the reason for these.”

      But it is.

      “They are literally lines in the sky that move with the clouds.”
      Because they are literally the shadow of contrails that move with the same wind that moves the (somewhat lower) clouds.

  • noneurbusiness

    My son just reminded me that we’ve seen these at night too.

    • user

      Moonlight shadow ;-)

  • Bulli

    This is not a usual shadow. If so, why don´t see every day??

    • user

      Because you don’t have persistent contrails every day, you don’t have low clouds thin enough for the shadow to be noticed every day, and you don’t look for them every day. Since you need several unusual events to happen at the same time it shouldn’t be surprising that you don’t usually see this.

  • Jeff
  • themooch

    This thread is hilarious. You conspiritards are a hoot.

  • user

    Please don’t pay attention to the chemtrailers. They are “almost” right: those lines are the shadows of the condensation trails of a jet plane, similar to watching the shadow of a pencil on a sheet of paper from below.

  • user

    And, as you can see in this video ( ) you can even have contrail shadows on the ground that you pass through while hang gliding.

    • Skinsuit Tim

      What your looking at here is a sky full of chemtrails which mostly have spread out and created artificial clouds. With some new lines that will eventually spread and homogenize with the rest of them. Start paying attention.

      • user

        Yes, sure. And what happens with the images of contrails made by turbine planes in the 40s? Were they chemtrails too?
        I think you should check historical photos before starting to asking people to pay attention.

  • jen

    chemtrail/contrail shadows …. see them out west too

  • njchemtrails

    I’m over on the nj coast. Check out my pics and articles on chem trails here at from my research geoengineering projects are being conducted around the globe.
    It’s not a new science by any means. Operation Popeye was conducted over the Vietnam during the war 1963. Operation cumilius dumped 90million tons of water on a town in England killing 35 people conducted by the Royal Air Force.
    Recently in 2010 in Japan at the United nation bio diversity almost all nation on the planet rarified a treaty to conduct large scale geoengineering projects.

    Find that here

    The cia is involved so is nasa, noaa, nas, naval research lab, air force research lab, DoD, Carnegie endowment for science, Royal society, many colleges, Bill gates just to name a few.

    Dont forget January 25 2014 Global march against geoengineering

  • nosnoozenewz

    I’ve never seen these kind of trails.

    We are like ‘bugs’ being sprayed to be killed off by the archon-elite psychopaths. God I wish much more people would wake up and pull their head out so this can be stopped. They will start getting sick and go to the doctor…’What’s wrong with me?’ Oh wait millions are loosing their healthcare. Didn’t even see the evil trap coming down…

  • William

    Contrail shadows being projected onto the top of a low level cloud layer. Chemtrails are an ignorant myth.

  • Guest

    Took this pic about 25 miles east of Orlando, Florida on Wednesday July 24 about 8:00 pm.

  • Guest

    Took this pic about 25 miles east of Orlando, Florida on Wednesday July 24 about 8:15pm.

  • Guest

    see pic below

  • Cathy McCoy-Morgan

    I’ve seen these chemtrails in our area for decades and assumed they were just part of a naturally changing sky or vapor left by a passing plane…Boy, was I wrong! By trying to “control” our weather, we’ve been bombarded with harmful chemicals and heavy metals! if “acid rain” can destroy granite, marble and other metals…just imagine what it’s doing to our lungs, our bodies… We have just ONE planet to call home! When we destroy it and it’s ecco-system where, then do we go? We HAVE to stop this insanity…

  • Awaken

    They are shadows of planes above the “clouds” aka chem crap they already sprayed. I saw the same thing where I live then I saw the plane peek out from behind one of them.