Chris Christie’s White House Dream Is Over; Michael Nutter’s Has Just Begun

Mitt Romney wasn’t the only loser in this presidential election.

Pity poor Mitt Romney.

No, I never wanted the man to be president—and given the Pennsylvania returns in Tuesday’s election, neither did many of you—but it’s really easy in the heat of a presidential campaign to see your opponent as the devil incarnate, and only appreciate his good qualities later. In 10 years or so, Liz Cheney will be leading the Republican ticket and making everybody outraged, and Democrats will hearken back to the days of old Mitt’s relative courtliness on the campaign trail. In the meantime, Romney has to figure out how to spend the rest of his life now that his ultimate goal has eluded him. That can’t be easy.

Mitt wasn’t the only loser in Tuesday’s presidential election. Here are three of the biggest.

CHRIS CHRISTIE: It was easy, before these last few months, to see the tough-talking New Jersey governor as one of the leading contenders for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016. Those prospects have been destroyed—diminished, initially by his Republican Convention speech that somehow forgot to tout Romney’s virtues, and then utterly obliterated by his post-Sandy embrace of President Obama, which produced a snarling catfight with Romney staffers. Lots of Republicans believe—or will, soon—that Christie cost Romney the presidency. They will not forgive him for not being a better team player. And he probably can’t yell at enough public school teachers on YouTube to make them forget that.

GEORGE W. BUSH: When Herbert Hoover left office back in 1932—amid an economy that had fallen apart and become the Great Depression—Republicans didn’t win the White House again for 20 years. George W. Bush left the presidency nearly four years ago with the economy in tatters and the military mired in two wars, and, well, Americans haven’t quite forgiven the GOP yet. Exit polls showed that they still believe Bush (and not President Obama) deserves the bulk of the blame for the country’s slow-recovering economy. Will that keep the Republican Party out of power for many more years to come? Tough to say. But for one night, at least, it’s clear that Bush’s devastatingly bad presidency is a ghost that still haunts the GOP.

WHITE GUYS: The day before the election, I received a letter from an angry reader that started like this: “Dear Joel, it never ceases to amaze me how a white male could be a liberal Democrat.” It went downhill from there.

But my reader wasn’t entirely wrong: When all the voting and exit polls are sussed out, what you’ll find is this: Romney had most of the white guys. And Obama had most of everybody else.

It’s a really new thing in American history that you can win the presidency with most of “everybody else”—women, Latinos, African-Americans, gays, you name it—but there you go: The name of the game is to get more voters than your opponent, and every vote counts the same. Not everybody is comfortable with this: Politico hinted the other day that President Obama’s victory is less meaningful because he doesn’t have enough white supporters. Bill O’Reilly fretted Tuesday night that “Obama wins because it’s not a traditional America anymore. The white establishment is the minority.”

Let’s not get overblown with this. White guys still hold most of the power in America; they just don’t hold all of it anymore. Since we’re not a nation of, by, and for white guys, that’s a good thing.

BONUS WINNER: Hillary Clinton. Time to start your 2016 campaign, ma’am.

BONUS LOSER: Pennsylvania as a “swing state.” We vote for Democrats, period, at least in presidential races. Mitt Romney’s weekend visit to the state now looks desperate and nonsensical.

• BONUS BONUS WINNER: Michael Nutter. Obama has a second term. He’s going to need some new people to fill positions for outgoing staffers. Nutter was a good soldier this campaign. Does he take a job in D.C., or does he finish out his term here? Either way, he’s piled up a little bit of capital with some friends in high places.

I’m betting he goes to D.C. And if so, doesn’t that make for a very strange election season? Michael Nutter is ending up with more power and love on the national stage than Chris Christie. Who could’ve seen that coming?

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  • Dolores Liebner Dicicco

    And here we are the day after the election and Obama won the electoral
    vote but Romney won the popular vote. Christie is a scumbag egotistical
    loser who thinks he will be president in 2016. He will not win because
    he just lost the election for Romney on purpose no less and people don’t
    forget these things. Was the love fest with Obama and Springsteen worth
    it you fat ass Christie? We heard you cried when you hugged
    Springsteen. Maybe you can go work for him as a stage hand. You will not
    be in the republican party for long.

    • Drake Discord

      Check again. Obama won the electoral ANDthe popular vote. 54,744,018 to 53,685,409, with Florida as the only state not yet declared, but still leaning Obama 50/49

    • Caduceus1

      Check again. MR lost the popular vote as well.

  • S H

    I don’t agree with most of this column, but Chris Christie has destroyed what looked to be a rising future, all because he sucked up to Obama.

    It was Obama’s job to sign papers to get money to NJ. If he didn’t do that…then it was on Obama.

    Instead Christie gave him credit he never deserved.

    • Drake Discord

      He didn’t suck up, he stood above politics amid a natural disaster. That deserves praise.

      • GogMagog

        Here in FL, it took Obama 30 days of oil spilling before he decided to come take a look. Yeah, he is “on the job.”

        You will see CC on the news within a week wondering where all his federal support is. Sorry CC, you served your purpose as O’s useful idiot of the week. Last month it was Hillary, so don’t feel so bad. Falling on the sword is a quick death is it not.

      • Arthur Curtis

        It’s always humorous to see Democrats describing rogue political behavior by a Republican as above “above politics.” No, Christie did not stand above politics but instead embraced it with photo opportunities, a media event boat ride and praise for the President at press conferences. None of this was even remotely necessary to obtain what Christie did for the citizens of New Jersey. His behavior was beyond the pale and reminescent of Newt Gingrich’s ad with Nancy Pelosi about climate change that was sponsored by Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection. Like Gingrich, Christie made an acute political miscalculation and it’s going to cost him severely.

        • Jon Burrows

          Exactly right. You have read Christie like a book. I am alarmed at how so many people easily fall for these type of symbolic actions by politicians like CC (and Obama).

        • Suzanne Arnold

          I agree with you Arthur…

  • john

    whoever wrote this shit is a fucking idiot. your views are so skewed to the left, it’s unbelievably bogus. you also definitely fuck fat ugly chicks. I can just tell.

    • Drake Discord

      You are making your party SO proud.

    • JK

      haha, well said

    • Rick DuVall

      go cry with the rest of the losers :)

  • JK

    Four more years of downward spiral. Oh well, Obama will be like the GOP’s pinata…time to whack and mock the guy for four more years. Fun :)

  • BrightRed

    Rebublicans are mean and emotionless. Chris Christie, caring for those affected by the storm, worked with Barack Obama to resolve the homeless problem. But Republicans see Chris as a traitor rather thancaring abt people in difficulties. Republicans are ghastly and cruel.

  • GogMagog

    So in 2016, when our debt is $22 trillion…. who is going to fix that? chirp chirp chirp Yeah, new formula, run black men until we finally go bankrupt. You are now redistributing money that you printed yesterday. That only ends one way, (and they know this) and that is what you voted for. So enjoy the future that you now fully own and have brought onto yourself.

    • Joel Mathis

      At least there’s nothing racist about this comment!

    • morgancity11

      all you see is a black man, and you are willing to forget the 8 yrs of president bush! nothing obama will ever do will erase the fact that he is not a “white guy” he could leave office with a surplus of $22 trillion, and there would be something else he did not do! his crime? he’s BLACK!!!!!! tell the truth show some courage, like the big man CC did! IF he runs in 2016 as a republican I would vote for him! he has guts and a backbone! and not scared of what others think, a leader and not a follower!

    • Steve

      Listen, I agree with you that Obama’s domestic and foreign record has been dismal. Michael Nutter, though, has a damn good record as Mayor of the sixth largest city in the United States. When this country voted for Obama, it was a shot in the dark. Michael Nutter, however, has a proven and effective track record and, in 2016, will be just the man to get us out of the mess that a twenty-two trillion debt represents. Michael Nutter represents the best mix possible of progressive ideology and pragmatic creativity. And, as a white man, if you could assure me that we would always get men of the caliber of Michael Nutter, I’d be all in favor of a constitutional requirement that our future presidents must be black. Sounds like a good formula to me,

  • Arthur Curtis

    If the economy stays like it’s been for the last four years and the national debt goes over $20 trillion, George Bush won’t be a loser but a benefactor from Obama’s re-election because it will be Obama getting the blame.

    Also, the U.S. was not “mired in two wars” when the Bush presidency ended. The troop surge in 2007 under General Petraeus had completely turned the tide in Iraq, U.S. military deaths in 2008 were down over 70% and the process to leave the Iraqi’s in control had been ongoing for months. One can certainly say the military was mired in Afghanistan but at least under Bush, we had only suffered 569 fatalities in 7 years there and unlike Iraq, invading was a necessity after 9/11 to remove the Taliban from power and destroy al-Qaeda’s base. Then Obama took office, escalated the war there and has almost quadrupled the number of U.S. fatalities in Afghanistan to over 2,100.

  • SJS

    It’s better than four years with an idiot with no plan. Downward spiral ? The Bush administration was really leading the country in a great direction. Republicans are so racist they would rather vote for any kook the party can find than an incredibly talented president that’s leading us out of this horrible mess he inherited.

  • Nisha

    JK, it’s sad that you think it is fun if the GOP plays pinata with the President for the next 4 years. Now that “the single most important goal” is non-existent, it is my hope that Congress will work with the President for what’s in the best interest of the country. Do you really think that playing pinata with the President will hurt him at this point? No! The President will be getting a nice hefty check for life, it’s the American people who will suffer.