Twitter Mailbag: How Far Away Are They?

Before we get started: DeSean Jackson was named to the Pro Bowl on Friday. He replaces Andre Johnson, who is not participating because of an unspecified injury, according to the league.

Jackson is the fifth Eagle selected to this year’s Pro Bowl, joining LeSean McCoy, Jason Peters, Nick Foles and Evan Mathis. Peters has opted not to play in the game.

Now onto the mailbag:

From @DerrickRedmond: now that#Foles is set as the starter, what’s the #Eagles backup options moving into the preseason? Is Chip high on Barkley?

I think Chip Kelly‘s quote about Matt Barkley earlier this month tells us pretty much everything we need to know.

“Matt was awesome,” he said. “I’m excited to get a full offseason with Matt in here to really get a chance to work with him because I think he’s got a skill set that’s exciting when you see him, how the ball comes out of his hands, the decisions that he makes, and that’s part of this whole deal.

“I think you can never have enough quarterbacks.  I’ve said that no matter where I was.  In this league, we were fortunate that we had two this year, and that was a huge benefit to us that we had two, and we’ll continue to always look at quarterbacks, and I think anybody that’s any good in this league always does that.”

Kelly competed against Barkley on the collegiate level, and thought enough of the USC product to use a fourth-round pick on him. He spent part of every pregame watching Barkley throw, observed him at every practice. His opinion of the rookie QB isn’t based on a couple rough cameos alone.

Still, he was honest in saying that the Eagles had two viable options at quarterback this season, not three. He can’t know for sure that Barkley will be a good enough No. 2 option in 2014. As he said, they’ll continue to look at quarterbacks. I believe Barkley will have a real chance to lock down the backup role but Kelly will bring in competition, whether it be through free agency or the draft. I think Michael Vick will end up elsewhere, possibly with the Jets or Vikings.

From @adamwein79: looking at the two teams in the conf champ, how far away are the birds and what pieces get them there?

Good question. Given that every season is its own event and the number of variables that are involved, it’s hard to define just “how far away” a team is from being championship-caliber.

Like most, I believe a  playmaking safety and a havoc-wreaking pass rusher would certainly help the cause. I think an upgrade at the kicker position is in order as well. But the bigger key for me is seasoning. Kelly will benefit from experience. Same with Nick Foles, Mychal Kendricks, Fletcher Cox, Brandon Boykin, Lane Johnson, Zach Ertz, etc. As the core strengthens and develops, so too will the team’s chances of advancing deep into the tournament.

If not for a letdown here and there the Eagles would have made it past the Saints, and could still be dancing for all we know. But the letdowns did happen. Being young and green probably had a little something to do with that.

The other key component is quarterback play. Look at the four remaining QBs: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson. Not a bad group. You need to have a few things going for you to become a Super Bowl champion, but having a stud quarterback is a  great start. If Foles can continue to play at a high level, the Eagles should be in pretty good shape.

From @joshuastein0414: do you think if the Eagles have a shot in round 1 at 1 of the marquee WRs, would they take them over the other defensive needs?

One thing to keep in mind is that their needs might look a lot different once we hit the free agency period. If they sign a stud safety and an outside linebacker, say, and Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper end up inking deals elsewhere, the dynamic obviously shifts.

Outside of that factor, the Eagles have been pretty adamant about selecting the best available player over the past couple years. They go after need only if the grades are really close between the players in question. If there is any significant talent gap, their philosophy is to go with the better player even if he doesn’t address an immediate need. So yes, I could see them drafting a receiver over a defensive player in the first round.

For what it’s worth, Mel Kiper called receiver “one of the strongest positions in the draft, at least early” and has seven wideouts being selected in the first round in his mock draft.

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    TM: who are these stud free agent pass rushing OLBs you speak of? OLB market this year and the WR market are anorexic…fortunately both are among the strengths of This years draft class…even if stud safety is signed, doubt it removes safety from our draft needs, so while I feel you in theory, don’t see any way around drafting a WR,OLB,Safety and backup corner THIS YEAR
    But I do think you nailed it with the importance of “seasoning” and continuity, which is too under rated by fans generally speaking…I’m expecting a lot of young players continue to improve under the tutelege of this coaching staff and veteran leadership…I also expect some guys who came back from injury this year, to be better next year (cough cough Oline), but all the seasoning in the world won’t make these safeties good enough lol…Byrd/Ward or bUST!

  • Will

    They are a Kicker, OLB, FS, SS, NT, WR, Back up QB, away from getting better so it depends what exact moves they make to fix the glaring holes on this Roster. If they upgrade those 7 spots you will have a contender built to go deep into the play offs…

    Half-measures availed us nothing.We stood at the turning point…

    • GEAGLE

      Over simplifying it mate…we have a real long ways to go as a roster to have what Chip has in mind. I heard Chip talk about the goal being to build a team so stacked and keep it together til you reach the point where you don’t even have a lot of roster space for too many new draft picks..If he can pull that off, watch out!!!

      It’s a testament to our coaches that we are so close to being a contender while so far away from the eventual roster of the Chip Kelly Eagles. We have significantly less starting spots to fill then we expected to have, but we need an entire depth make over, and it’s not going to all come in this offseason. can’t build Rome in a day..

      OLB pass rusher has to be addressed in THIS DRAFT(technically taking Casey Mathews spot! even if he will see some snaps as a rookie across Barwin)
      we need a starting veteran safety to pair with Wolff
      Maehl and Damaris need to be upgraded for sure this offseason

      After we fill our immediate needs, we have to start chipping away at our depth makeover, and we have a ton of work to do in that regard…Now you can’t just fill your depth with career backups..some of the young players we will our depth with have to have potential to grow into starters who can grow to eventually replace our older starters when we are ready to transition away from them….
      Immediate Depth replacements:
      Gaethers (Kruger could be the answer)
      CUrtis Marsh
      I can’t even name the other CB on our bench besides Roc

      Oline could need depth, depending on how Bamiro and Dennis are or aren’t progressing. Love having Barbre! I hear we are high on Tobin, and I like the psycho center we signed to a future contract to compete with vandervede. Not sure if we have to address Oline this year or we can wait til next offseason

      next years offseason
      Jason Phillips and Good are adequate interior LB depth til next offseason,when we should draft Meco’s eventual replacement

      Roc Charmicheal unless he improves enough this year

      Two more OLBs: Graham walks in FA next year, Cole gets cut, and we find back ups to Barwin and the OLB we draft this year

      By then we have to have JP and Herremans eventual replacement in the pipeline already being groomed

      Chung(can’t replace 4 safeties this offseason)
      Brad Smith and Avant need to be replaced next offseason(we replace Maehl and Damaris NOW)
      By next offseason we should already have young CB to groom into starters to replace Cary and Brad in 2016
      By next year we have to start thinking about transitioning away from Celek

      Now if some of the young depth you add these next two offseason, don’t develop into eventual starters, then we will have a hole new set of issue in the 2016 offseason
      So don’t let our instant success fool us, it’s just a testament to the job our coaches have done…we still have a ton of roster work to do,.,fortunately most of next years starting Contenders are in place

      • Will

        Yes we need Depth…but we need to improve those 7 starting spots as mentioned above if not we will fall short again in the end….how they do it will be interesting with FA 110 days away then the Draft….changes are coming in year two of the Chip Kelly Era….

        Look at it like this mate….if they keep the current Safeties and OLB then expect to keep giving up huge chunks in the passing game. If NT play doesn’t improve expect to get gnashed occasionally by the run game. If they do not do anything at the kicker spot they will lose close games and the field position battle on kick offs. If Foles gets hurt and they go to Barkley expect he will throw a lot of INT’s. If they do not go get a #1 WR expect another year of struggling to beat man coverage….so it is not really over simplified…it is about winning football games against the better teams in this league, we can not compete with the 49ers, Seahawks, Bronco’s or the Patriots….this team as is will lose to those teams…it’s that simple… Depth won’t change that…upgrading the positions will….The Philadelphia Eagles Offense is to inconsistent and your Defense isn’t good enough…

        • GEAGLE

          First of all, we don’t have any safeties but two under contract, there is NO if about it, we will have new safeties next year..Tom gamble spent years watching a safety tandem of Goldson and HITner..he spent this past year watching Chung and Nate lol…I’m willing to bet that man does something about it lol
          You can count on OLB addition because it’s the most important position for a 3-4, and we are weak right now..

          I’m not exactly sure what NT changes you expect..all I know is in it’s first year, playing different positions, being inexperienced at two gaping, Cox,Ced and Thorton formed a young inexperienced unit that was top 10 against the run.

          Logan was a rookie, who played with ATleast 10pounds less of his eventual weIght
          Cox should just have finished his senior year and we should be talking about him as a draft prospect right now..

          What was this, Ceds 3rd year? First time ever being given a prominent starting NFL role, and he performed like a BEAST!!
          Don’t shoot the messenger, but Cox,Ced and Logan are the Longterm starters…If a 340lb NT is signed, he would be a cheap ass fringe player who would have to win a spot at camp. Think a shorter but fatter version of Gaethers..

          A team who’s line is so young in years, and so young in terms of experience in this scheme, playing with these techniques, that managed to be top 10’against the run, isn’t going to look for new starters,.they just don’t think that way..they will see the promise they showed this year, and think they will continue to improve and build off this year..

          Friggin Dline was the strength of our defense, but now because the saints used two blocking TEs to run the ball on our Nickle, all of the sudden Logan isn’t good enough? Reality is Logan was on the bench, replaced by Boykin, because Logan doesn’t play in Nickle…

          I’d bet that Logan starts all of 2014!!!
          I’ll also bet we don’t draft a 340lb NT in the first 5 rounds, so how big of a need could it realistically be,,,actually, the only way we are getting a quality rookie who brings ATleast 330lbs of beef, is if we absolutely LOVE Louis Nix III…and I just don’t see how we could like him more then some of the he freak raw athletes I expect to be on the board at 22…
          I believe our NTs will always look more like Logan/jay Ratliff and less like Casey hampton/wilfork

          • Will

            The 3…. 4th and 1’s QB sneaks by Brees in our one and done play off game makes me wonder about the NT spot…granted it was 2 pro bowl guards for NO but still that’s is my concern and look for improvement. Defense is about 3 and out no excuses…we know the back end of the secondary is a leaking pipe so won’t even go there it needs the most improvement…Bennie Logan is young and will add weight, strength so I’m least concerned there just an observation need better play on 3rd and 1…I Love the Eagles and trust Chip Kelly will make this a better football team in the end…

          • GEAGLE

            dude, Logan played with 10-15lbs less then the player he will grow to be…

            Front office won’t base their decisions on one game. They will analyze the playoff loss inside out, but the other 16games worth of performance will get factored in…and I seriously doubt our front office looks at our offensive and defensive lines and think they played anywhere near their potential in the saints happens..Ced didn’t play his best game, Cox didn’t play his best game,JP,Mathis!Kelce,Todd, Lane, none of them did.

            A front office can look at veteran trent Cole and be extremely bothered that he got beat like a drum by a rookie playing in his 4th game…but I can assure you they won’t over react to a rookie who isn’t done adding weight, not yet being good enough to beat Grubbs and Jahri Evans!! I’m not crazy about Grubbs..but Evans is ELITE, Evan Mathis type of quality
            Think the huge NTs will start getting phased out, because all teams are starting to go with multiple fronts, and as teams start using more and more tempo, offenses will start to control when defenses can sub and when you start facing Brady and top QBs with versatile offenses, as soon as they catch us with our 340lb NT, they simply will abandon the run, not allow us to sub that fat F out of the game, and just pass, pass, pass..

            Our coaches are ahead of the NFL Curve, the value in a NT like Logan, is you can line up in multiple fronts without tipping your hand by the personel your putting on the field..the value of versatile linemen like our 3 starters is you can keep us from subbing, but you don’t get to dictate which front we line up in on a given can’t pigeon hole us into a 3-4 when our starters are out there, because Barwin can line up as a 4-3DE whenever he wants, Logan can shoot gaps as a 4-3DT whenever he wants, and Cox has NO PROBLEM lining up as a 4-3DE…so you can say, we won’t let them sub out of their top run person, but our top run personel is filled with versatile guys who can transition into pass rushing fronts..
            I think, all the Dlinemen we will ever invest high draft picks or big money into, will ALWAYS be “Versatile”

            If we have a 340lb monster on our bench, he will be extremely cheap, situational guy that’s not going to be a major part of our defense..

            I could be wrong, but I’m really confident in this theory..I won’t GEAGLE certify “take it to the bank” it…but by the time the draft is over, I expect this theory to be proven correct
            We knew Soap wasn’t good enough, and we knew we didn’t have anyone else who could play NT on our roster, there were Tons of Big traditional NT prospects in last years draft, and it was a CRITICAL aspect of transitioning into a 3-4…and we drafted Logan..I think that speaks VOLUMES!!

          • Will

            Tend to think the same about NT…. One Fat F for the Goaline stance…lol….least of my concerns….OLB,FS,SS, Kicker those four I see them upgrading this upcoming season if they are honest in there self appraisal…..for the defense….WR for Offense hope they move beyond Maclin….to a True Tall, Fast, Big Body WR with speed…MegaTron type 6’5″ 230-240….So FA is huge with needs at K, WR, OLB and Safety…and then the draft to fill holes…They signed what 5 FA last year and have 7 picks in the draft…so 12-14 new faces for 2014….with 20 million in cap space expect us not to do much above mid-level talent….The Byrd/Ward is most likely not gonna be for us…maybe to so so guys like a Mike Mitchell and Chris Clemons and one from the draft….OLB or WR with #22 pick….Depending on there board BPA at those two spots…

          • GEAGLE

            I don’t think there is any way we don’t get players at those positions so you should be a happy man…my only real concern in that area is that we will skimp the safety position and not add Byrd/Ward, and let’s pray that’s not the case..
            I wouldn’t mind Alex henrey getting flat out cut, but he will actually get a chance to remain an Eagles, so let’s hope his competition Blows him out of the training camp battle

            I def wouldn’t mind a cheap fat F for goaline and 4th n short, I just wouldn’t expect it to be expensive, so rule out the Soliai,Raji types off our wish list..

            But trust me, I would LOVE for them to add a high priced Soliai type, but I would be lying if I said I expected our front office to agree…

            Now if we ever have a chance at some rare Dancing bear who can bring the beef, yet still get after QBs, I’m sure we could find a spot for him…

          • Will

            Afraid Byrd and Ward will be beyond what Howie would ever spend for a Safety….hope I’m wrong…..but see them spreading that $ on 4-5 guys to help out…Byrd/Pryor …would be nice to see next year…one FA and one top pick in the draft…

          • GEAGLE

            I have the same concerns

          • theycallmerob
          • Will

            Home of Rich Ganon, Joe Flacco and Mike Adams……looks good against small school completion if he played for Alabama still looks good..#94 …name height weight? Rob? Zack Kerr 310lbs. 6’2″..reminds me of Jerome Brown…

          • GEAGLE

            Logan sized!!!

        • GEAGLE

          I wouldn’t bet on Barkley! but a lot of people said the same exact things you are saying right now! this time last year about FOles. I don’t get to see Barkley every day, so I don’t have the Intel to tell you that he can be our number two last year, but Conversly, you are kidding yourself if you think you have the intel to tell me he CANT be a number two next year…we have no way of knowing…but FA will tell the story..If a decent veteran backup isn’t signed, it means we believe Barkley is ready to be a number two in chips eyes in which case we would draft another rookie to start developing..

          Alex Henry isnt getting Cut. If he isn’t our kicker it will mean he lost a camp battle

          • Will

            I will go see them practice like I do every year this coming summer….from what I saw last year he throws slow, balloon balls which were easily picked off….maybe his shoulder was not fully healed we will see….

          • GEAGLE

            I will be at practice too…key word “LAST YEAR”..a lot can change in a players development from one year to next..I sure as hell can’t tell you that I saw anything that would lead me to believe he will be ready to be our number two, I’m just saying that we have no way of knowing how ready or how far away he is from being ready to be our number two in he chips eyes.same with guys like Bamiro or Dennis kelly

            We wouldn’t draft a kid this year and expect him to be more ready then Barkley to backup Nick next we get to find out what Chip thinks of Barkley In FA..if you can’t see the QB we add in FA being our number two next year, it most likely means Chip thinks Barkley is ready to handle it

          • George

            On the barkley front…IN CHIP WE TRUST. If chip thinks he’s ready to backup (2 qbs rule) then most likely he is ready.

          • Will

            I liked Foles all along…saw flashes of greatness…still needs to improve and he works at his craft…Howard Eskin told me Foles should start at last years camp….so I watched him closely there’s just something about him that leads me to believe he could be an all time great if he stays healthy….

      • Wiztopher

        It’s this type of fill immediate needs to the roster mentality that got us to the lowly depths which we found ourselves at the end of the Reid era. Roseman has stated numerous times it has to be a true, gradual course of improving the roster via draft n mid-level free agency signings whilst drafting the best available, not according to roster needs. We all saw what this change of culture brought the franchise in just one year of its installment and we must stay the arduous course if we want a SB.

  • cliff henny

    How far away are the Eagles? that’s easy…a whole heck of alot closer than anyone could ever of imagined 9-12 months ago! if Kelly makes same 2nd year jump that players do, to borrow one of Chippah’s catch phrases, ‘Holy Smokes!’

    • GEAGLE

      Dynasty!!!! Lol when FOles was the 88th pick and Montana was drafted 82, you know you are on the right path :) jk

      Surprised no one talked about Shadys Lebron James like comments about winning multiple Sbs and being back to back Champs lol

      • Will

        They got the ship turned around and headed in the right direction…will see how much turnover goes on with this roster will say a lot…I think it will be easier to improve on the Defensive side of the ball…….just a great WR and a #2 QB for Offense….Kicker for ST….gonna be a long 110 days…lol…would like them to sign Josh McCowen of the Bears for the QB spot…

        • GEAGLE

          I would expect no less then 10 new players…no more then 15 new players…but I expect about 85% of this years starters, starting for us in September

      • Warhound

        Dynasties(going all the way back to the Otto Graham led Browns) share two stats in common. YPA for and YPA against. Dynasties have high yards per pass attempted and on defense they prevent the same.

        • Will

          Defenses can’t do that with very poor Safeties…YPA against…

  • Beastmode

    So are we gettin Byrd, what do y’all think?

    • Beastmode

      Also, since I’m drinking , what’s your prediction on how this years team would have done in Seattle?

      • Will

        How did New Orleans look in Seattle who beat us? Seattle’s Defense is too much we’d been killed….they are on next years schedule so you won’t have to wait to long for the answer…

      • GEAGLE

        Man I would have loved to see us get to test ourselves on the road against the Seahawks. I wouldn’t expect a win, but it would have been a great experience for our young players to have to travel cross country, play a top team in the most hostile environment there is! basically the modern day veterans stadium..
        Stylistically it would be an interesting match up, and if we brought our A game, I think it could actually have been a really competitive game:
        1) No team is better trained to handle road noise like us
        2) our base defense stopped teams running games all year, and Seattle doesn’t have the QB or pass catchers to force us into our Nickle defense like the saints did, forcing us to take Logan off the field which got us trampled in the run game

        3) that amazing defense can be run on. But if Shady and our Oline played like they did against the saints! it wouldn’t have mattered

    • Will

      Hope so but price tag may be more then piggy bank….would have to be an incredible signing bonus….like 17 million bonus and spread 25 million over 5 years….with 19 million under the cap and we know Howie so most unlikely…Alleged market for Byrd is like 42 million over 5 years….

      • Media Mike

        Goldson got 5 years / $42.5 million. Where does that put Byrd……especially with the Redskins and Raiders creeping with HUGE money to be spent?

    • Media Mike

      I’d say no on both. I think they’ll hit the bottom rung free agents, cap casualty market, and the draft. I get a really strong sense that this team will mostly built through the draft and the next big money contrasts they sign will go to Foles, Cox, Boykins, Lane Johnson, etc.

  • Will

    Geagle your at #22 and Kelvin Bejamin and Calvin Pryor are both available who’s the best BPA then? Do you go WR or Safety? Do they go OLB at #22….

    • GEAGLE

      Benjamin…pocket passer and Chip will know what to do with him,,,you can get Calvin type of safety talent in FA…there is no Kelvin Benjamin in FA

  • daggolden

    The Eagles have 1 defensive player that would see the field for Seattle or SF. Brandon Boykins. You tell me how far away that makes them.

    • Media Mike

      The Seahawks don’t play a 3-4, so that is only a “back 4” conversation to be honest. Even so, I bet Cox and Barwin would be guys Carroll would work onto the field on a regular basis.
      Same with the Niners.
      Your general point is apt, but the Eagles are better than Seattle and San Fran at QB, RB, WR1, LT, LG, and soon will be at RT as well.
      Different teams are structured in different ways.

  • daggolden

    There is noway the Eagles are spending 60 million with 40 million guaranteed on a Bryd or Ward. That’s there asking price. Plus theres 15 other teams that have cap room and need safety help to. Look for the Redskins to sign one of them.

    • Media Mike

      Redskins and Raiders. I agree that I can’t see this Eagles group paying $10 / year to a safety at this point.

  • Media Mike

    To be honest, any position except QB / RB / P / K is in play for our first round pick. This should be a very difficult draft to diagnose for us, even after free agency.

    • GEAGLE

      I dunno…I’m not seeing too many ways around spending draft picks on OLB,S,WR,..I don’t see how we could possibly pass on those positions in the first 5 rounds…

      We have depth issues at almost every position so you are correct in that very few positions are off the table…

      If I had to guess the positions we come away with in the first 5 rounds(no particular order):
      Two WRs drafted
      CB (marsh has to go NOW)
      Dline (square AND Gaethers have to be replaced, if we are lucky Krugs can replace one)

      I tend to Think Chip will want a pass catching RB type like Dat, and get another G/T, so trading back to get some extra picks is probably a real possibility but I can’t see any way around drafting OLB,WR,S,CB..not only do those positions need to be upgraded, but we also have to get younger at those positions…WR and OLB FA market sucks this year, fortunately those are strengths of this draft

      • Media Mike

        I really think they’ll stick with the board and get the best guy. I don’t see them reaching at all.

        • GEAGLE

          They won’t reach, but those positions will be tie breakers between similarly rated prospects..
          If the top of their board had a RB graded as an 86 and under him their is an OLB graded 84, I seriously doubt they take the higher rated RB…

          But if the running back has an 86 grade, and under him on the board is an OLB graded as a 78, then I would expect us to take the RB even tho he doesn’t fill a position of need

  • Media Mike

    MAJOR FYI: has the draft machine up!

    • GEAGLE


      • Media Mike

        And here is what I did after a few trade downs (which is the massive flaw of that “game”)

        Round 1 Pick 30 (S.F.): Allen Robinson, WR, Penn State (B)
        Round 2 Pick 22: DaQuan Jones, DT, Penn State (A-)
        Round 2 Pick 27 (N.O.): Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech (A)
        Round 2 Pick 30 (S.F.): Adrian Hubbard, OLB, Alabama (A)
        Round 3 Pick 22: Dion Bailey, FS, Dion Bailey, FS, Southern California (A)
        Round 4 Pick 22: Bryan Stork, C, Florida State (A)
        Round 5 Pick 22: Max Bullough, ILB, Michigan State (A)
        Round 5 Pick 29: Antone Exum, CB, Virginia Tech (B+)
        Round 7 Pick 22: De’Anthony Thomas, RB, Oregon (B)

        • GEAGLE

          Would love adding both CBs to our bench
          A-Rob would be an awesome addition to Coop Desean and ERTZY-pooh

          Hubbard would worry me

          Damn you got DAT in the 7th? I don’t see how Chip could possibly pass on him in the 7th

          • Media Mike

            Totally fictional in terms of what will happen, but it’s fun.

          • GEAGLE

            Traded out of round 2, and I just stocked up on LSU guys lol:
            1) Mike Evans at 22
            3) Attachou #3
            3) Jarvis Landry #21
            3) Craig Loston #22
            4) Lamin barrow #3
            5) Exum CB #1
            5) Daniel McCullers DT #10
            5) Kadeem Edwards OG #22
            5) taj Boyd #29
            5) Isiah Lewis SS #30
            6) Josh Huff WR #22
            7) DAT #10

        • George

          Your Picks:
          Round 2 Pick 1 (HOU): Allen Robinson, WR, Penn State (B)
          Round 2 Pick 22: Aaron Donald, DT, Pittsburgh (B+)
          Round 3 Pick 1 (HOU): Adrian Hubbard, OLB, Alabama (A)
          Round 3 Pick 15 (CLE): Craig Loston, SS, LSU (A)
          Round 3 Pick 22: Dominique Easley, DT, Florida (B+)
          Round 4 Pick 22: Brandon Linder, OG, Miami (Fla.) (B)
          Round 5 Pick 22: Antone Exum, CB, Virginia Tech (B+)
          Round 5 Pick 29: Charles Leno, OT, Boise State (B+)
          Round 7 Pick 22: De’Anthony Thomas, RB, Oregon (B)

          How about this?

          • Media Mike

            Endless fun!

          • GEAGLE

            Wanna see far fetched? Lol I just came away with:
            Kelvin Benjamin WR
            Brandin Cooks WR
            Deonne Buchannon safety
            Jeremiah attaboy OLB
            Aaron Colvin CB
            Dominique Easly DT
            Daniel McCullers DT
            Taj Boyd QB
            Stanley Jean baptist CB
            Boseko Lokombo OLB Oregon
            Hakim Smith S
            Charles Leno OT
            Andrew Jackson ILB
            DAT RB
            Andrew Norwell OG
            Cody Parker Kicker

            Basically I drafted an entire team lol

  • Will

    “Like most, I believe a playmaking safety and a havoc-wreaking pass rusher would certainly help the cause. I think an upgrade at the kicker position is in order as well.” No truer words could be spoken….