How to Get Last-Minute Hyped for the Eagles Playoffs

From pep rallies to giveaways, there’s room for everyone on the Birds bandwagon.

eagles playoffs philadelphia

The Dilworth Park reindeer topiaries are all dressed up for the Eagles playoffs. / Photograph by Laura Swartz

Look, I get it: It’s literally my job to be all in on the Eagles this week, and even *I* am overwhelmed. The city is going bonks and it’s not even the Super Bowl (yet … I can dream). We’ve got you covered with a guide to catch up on the season and what to expect in the playoffs, but playoffs have always been about more than just football. It’s about coming together, sharing collective joy, and ingesting various green-dyed foodstuffs. There are just a couple days left till the game, and we’re here to help you fill them to the brim with Eagles spirit.

Pep Rallies

Stop pretending you’re doing work this week. Play hooky from the office and head to the Comcast Technology Center concourse on Thursday, January 19th from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. instead for a pep rally including giveaways, carnival games, a raffle for signed Eagles merch, and appearances by Eagles alumni, cheerleaders and Swoop. Plus, the Dietz & Watson truck will be there, handing out free “Bird Dogs.” Those are Eagles-themed hot dogs served in green buns and topped with long hots, provolone and fried onions.

Then, on Friday, January 20th from 3 to 5 p.m., there’s another pep rally at Acme in South Philly (1901 Johnston Street). Expect more Bird Dogs, plenty of team spirit, music, giveaways and “special visitors” to be named later.

Come game day, head to literally any bar in the Philly area, or tailgate in the Linc parking lot. Or just break out in an E-A-G-L-E-S cheer in the middle of a Target — no one will question it.

Food and Drink

Eagles playoff cookies from Madison K in Northern Liberties / Photograph courtesy of Madison K

If you’re really hankering for one of those Dietz & Watson “Bird Dogs,” you can follow their schedule online or on their Instagram for more impromptu visits from the hot-dog fairy. (There isn’t a hot-dog fairy, but I had you going there, didn’t I? It’s a green truck. It has a hot dog with wings. You can pretend that’s a fairy.)

Want even more green-dyed bread? Apparently, yes, because Philly bakery Cacia’s has detected a demand and responded accordingly. They’re the ones who provide the emerald exterior for the aforementioned Bird Dogs, and they are here for you in case you’d prefer to stuff your rolls with something besides a hot dog.

Meanwhile, Evil Genius Beer Co. is giving fans two ways to celebrate: the debut of an “orange creamsicle IPA” dubbed Playoffs!?!, plus the return of their “wooder ice milkshake-style IPA” called Fly Like an Eagle. Playoffs!?! is available for around $12 in six-pack form across the region (including Giant supermarkets), while Fly Like an Eagle is available exclusively at Evil Genius’s Fishtown taproom. The latter is available in two flavors — mango and blue raspberry — and brewed with vanilla and lactose as well as over 100 pounds of fresh mango puree and over 15 gallons of blue raspberry slushy syrup, respectively. It is also available in four-packs for $18 at the taproom only.

Beers to celebrate the Eagles playoffs at Evil Genius / Photograph courtesy of Evil Genius Beer Co.

Looking for some treats for your watch party? Of course Best of Philly-winning cookie artist Madison K is on it. She’s got cupcakes, cookies, and sweet trays with various Eagles-related designs. Whether you’re looking for jersey-topped cupcakes or helmet-shaped cookies, head to her Northern Liberties shop on game day to pick up your goodies. You can also pre-order on her website if you have your heart set on something specific.

Tinsel is Eagles playoff-themed now! / Photograph by Cody Aldrich

And everyone’s favorite holiday pop-up bar is getting in on the action, too, with “Tinsel Takes Flight.” This brand-new iteration of Tinsel is awash in green light, with memorabilia, art installations, murals, photo ops, and themed drinks like “Swole Batman” and “Hurts So Good.” It’s open now, and will run for the rest of the season … however long that is.

Photo Ops

Photograph by Laura Swartz

You may notice some landmarks around town have gotten an Eagles makeover. For starters, two of the reindeer topiaries in Dilworth Park outside City Hall now have Eagles clothes — one has a Hurts jersey, the other is just decked out in various team swag. And they’re there for all your twinkle-lit selfies right now!

Meanwhile, HughE Dillon reports that the Art Museum steps have been populated with life-size cutouts of four Eagles players: Jalen Hurts, Brandon Graham, Darius Slay, and DeVonta Smith. You know what to do.

Dress the Part

eagles gear kelce taylor nicole

Photograph courtesy of Made by Taylor Nicole

If you suddenly have an overwhelming urge to wear a lot of green, you have choices far beyond whatever Target has in its “here are some shirts of local sports teams” section. Locally made choices with cheeky graphics, throwback vibes, and even — dare we say it — a touch of fashion. Plus, you can grab many of them around town right now, so you’ll be all ready to go this weekend. Check out our guide to the best of the best and get shopping!