Listen Here: Five Philly Bands Dropping New Music This Week

The Improbables, Palm, ZORN and more.

Palm plays PhilaMOCA on Saturday.

Lisa Chosed @ Ortlieb’s | Thursday, June 22
Philly acoustic folk artist Lisa Chosed celebrates the release of her debut record Fly this week. Chosed’s voice shimmers like a great lake in this earnest song.

ZORN @ Century | Friday, June 23
Philly metal-punks Zorn welcome a new cassette into the world. Released on the Suicide Bong label, Cemetery Man is a heavy and agile, with blazing guitars and hellacious vocals that remind me of Starscream.

Palm @ PhilaMOCA | Saturday, June 24
If I say “avant garde” will you stop reading? Because I don’t want you to stop reading, but adopted Philadelphians Palm play some crazy deconstructed indie rock and there just aren’t any perfect words for it. The guitars move to sneaky, secret rhythms that a robot will tell you is in perfect sync with the drums, but in your heart you know both instruments are conspiring against you. Like maybe they’re withholding bits just to keep the songs staccato and your nerves on edge. The vocals are the lifeline, but don’t look now, you’re clinging to snakes. The new release is Shadow Expert. It’s really kind of sort of avant garde.

OhBree @ Johnny Brenda’s | Saturday, June 24
Somewhere between the Beatles at their goofiest and They Might Be Giants at their darkest you might find OhBree. This eight-piece dorkestra’s got some serious musical chops, which makes their decision to make evil cabaret music all the more entertaining (and puzzling). Their new one is Burn Bridges, Burn Pies.

The Improbables @ The 700 | Sunday, June 25
This veteran NJ/Philly trio’s got some bluesy swagger and garage rock strut. Full of fuzzed-out guitars and wildman vocals from Dave Reis, the new Object To Be Destroyed gets the record release treatment this week. Fun as hell.