Danny DeVito Almost Drowned Filming Always Sunny

On Conan last night, Charlie Day said Danny DeVito almost drowned while filming an underwater stunt on the latest season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Charlie Day was on Conan last night, and he shared an interesting story about filming the latest season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Or, you know, a terrifying story.

While filming the 11th season, which premiered last month, Day said they got into a bit of trouble with an underwater scene with Danny DeVito.

Day says DeVito is “incredibly buoyant, like a buoy,” and they had to weigh him down in order to get a shot where all the main cast members hold hands underwater.

“And when the shot was over and we were all trying to get back to the surface for air, we all quickly got through the water but because we weighed him down, he sort of got halfway and was going nowhere,” he said. “And that look of panic in his eyes of like, ‘This is the end, these guys killed me.’ But we had some safety divers — they got him out.”

Day says DeVito left for the day immediately after.

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