Five Things You Need to Hear Today

Some (mostly tolerable) songs and a funny podcast.

This isn't a thing you can click on. This is just a pic.

This isn’t a thing you can click on. This is just a pic.

1. Brad Dassey, “They Didn’t Do It”
Okay you don’t need to hear this. You were probably better off before you did. But a heartfelt if decidedly not good rap song by the half-brother of Making A Murderer secondary subject Brendan Dassey is certainly interesting, right? Brad says they didn’t do it.

2. Mr. Clean, “The Last Day of the Year”
Dean “Clean” Sabatino, drummer for the Dead Milkmen, makes moody, ambient music in his spare time. It’s closer to his instrumental rock project I Think Like Midnight, I suppose, but a lot spookier. This sounds like David Lynch doing Taxi to me.

3. NBG Music, “Benny Skrill”
Look. Somebody re-did the Benny Hill theme Skrillex style and I think I like it. Somehow, adding rap and dubstep helps to rein in the frantic majesty of “Yakety Sax.”

4. Doogie Horner on the Todd Barry Podcast
The world’s best deadpannist interviews Philly’s most charming comedy export. Todd Barry asks a question, congratulates himself for asking a good question then congratulates Doogie Horner for answering it the way he would have. All while sounding really, really mellow. It’s a quietly interesting and fairly meta interview, which is Barry’s forte. Funny, too. I couldn’t figure out the embed, so click here.

5. Jennifer O’Connor, “Start Right Here”
Let’s end with something beautiful. This new one from the now-Nyack-based O’Connor makes me think it won’t be face freezingly awful when I finally go outside. Her new record, Surface Noise, comes out in March.