Watch: The Country’s Oldest Polar Bear Eats Her Birthday Cake at Philly Zoo

Coldilocks turned 35 this week, and was treated to a cake and song from Zoo visitors.

Courtesy of Philadelphia Zoo

Courtesy of Philadelphia Zoo

On Wednesday, personnel and guests at the Philadelphia Zoo gathered around the polar bear exhibit to celebrate the birthday of Coldilocks. The female polar bear turned 35 this week, holding tight to her title as the oldest polar bear in the United States.

Part of the celebrations included treats, of course: a three-tiered ice cake covered in peanut butter, nuts and raisins, and a couple hollow pumpkins to knock around. Onlookers also treated her to a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday,” with kids and parents alike chiming in. It was all captured by the zoo in the video below:

The average lifespan for polar bears in zoos is 23 years old, which Coldilocks has beat by an easy decade. She’s been living in Philadelphia for most of her life, three decades. Like many animals the Zoo keeps, polar bears have been classified “vulnerable” due to increased threats from climate change and the resulting shrinking of polar ice.

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