CBS3 Reporter Gets Plowed By a Tiny Horse in Hilarious Montage of 2015’s Best News Bloopers

The folks at NewsBe Funny have, well, funny  jobs. All year long, they’re tasked with keeping track of news bloopers happening at stations great and small across the world. At the end of the year, they gift us a one-stop collection of all their favorites so we can cackle our faces off at accidental sexual innuendos said on air, reporters falling flat on their face or anchor people not being able to keep from giggling as they work their way through a segment.

This weekend, they dropped their Best News Bloopers of 2015. It’s a good 15 minutes worth of all that stuff I mentioned and more — including one inclusion from Philly. Around the 5:26-minute mark, just after a live shot on a farm that catches two cows humping in the background, a CBS3 reporter is live from what appears to be a miniature horse farm in Salem, New Jersey. She moves her mic toward a little girl who’s showing off her “micro mini pony” when all of a sudden that horse starts bucking and knocking everyone out of the way. The reporter lets out a blood-curdling “Ahhhh!” and the poor little girl starts crying her eyes out. It’s a mess … and kind of hilarious. Check that out along with all the other LOL-worthy blunders below:

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