This Photo of Adam Joseph’s Son on Santa’s Lap Has Gone Viral

One of the kids' first most-embarrassing moments — seen by thousands.

Somewhere in the stacks of your mom’s old photo albums, there is definitely a photo of you in Santa’s lap crying your eyes out to get away. And yes, dad may have pulled it out a time or two to humiliate you in front of friends, but only a handful of people have seen it, right? 6ABC weatherman Adam Joseph’s little boy, Jacob, won’t have that luxury.

His pops dropped a photo of him on Facebook bawling his eyes out when he met Santa a few days ago. The photo has gone viral — like many of Adam Joseph’s updates do — at press time being liked by well over 10,000 people and shared by 82 more. (83 now, if you count me.) Check out the little guy below. The picture is adorable, capturing, as Joseph remarks in his status, a rite of passage for the family. “I was secretly happy he cried (can use as blackmail later in life) but the dad in me wanted to hold his hand,” he writes

Apparently there must have been something about this Santa that set off Jacob — either that or he was in a rotten mood that day. Joseph says Jacob met another Santa a few weeks ago and didn’t shed a tear. Hey, we have our good days and bad. It’s just that this particular one will live on for quite some time.

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