LISTEN: Creed Soundtrack Released Today

A few tracks on the album sample "Going the Distance" and "Gonna Fly Now" from the original Rocky film.


The next tale in the Rocky series now has an epic soundtrack to match.

Swedish composer Ludwig Goransson produced a 21-track symphonic score for the latest film in the franchise, Creed. At least three tracks on the album incorporate “Going the Distance” and “Gonna Fly Now” from the original 1976 Rocky film with Sylvester Stalone: “First Date,” “You’re A Creed,” and “You Can See The Whole Town From Here.”

Goransson, who has worked with the likes of Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper, and on TV shows Community and New Girl, says he was inspired by the iconic sound and feeling created by the first film’s composer, Bill Conti. 

“[Conti’s score was] the theme song of an underdog,” he says in a release sent out today. “What I wanted to do for Creed was create something that had as big of an impact on the movie as the Rocky theme did 40 years ago. I always feel encouraged by [Creed Director Ryan Coogler] to think outside of the box and create something that I really believe in.”

You can purchase the album now on Amazon and iTunes, or listen to it on YouTube in this playlist created by user “New Good Soundtracks.” It’s perfect as we head triumphantly into the weekend — or for your next workout. Creed the movie hits theaters nationwide November 25th.

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