WATCH: Bradley Cooper Shares Philly Memories on Jimmy Kimmel Live

He makes fun of his grandmother and recalls bussing tables in Jenkintown.

Bradley Cooper appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote his new film Burnt (trailer below), in which he plays a top chef who’s given the chance to redeem his rather infamous reputation at a high-stakes new restaurant job in London.

Cooper and Kimmel are old pals, so the banter between the two was relaxed, far-reaching and very Philly. They talked about some of Cooper’s first jobs — like that time he bussed tables at Alexander’s Cafe in Jenkintown (“It’s still there!” he exclaimed) and when he was a prep cook at Marabella’s Italian seafood joint in Somerspoint, New Jersey. “That’s where I learned everything … like shucking oysters,” he told Kimmel. That later expertise, he shared, came in handy on the first day of shooting Burnt.

He also talks about his grandfather, Angelo Campano, who was a cop in Philly who started a garlic business. “He would package garlic and sell it to local businesses from his basement.” he said.

His grandmother, he remembers, was the cook in the family. He recalled her Philadelphia cheesecake and her pizza. “Her dough was incredible. … Her wedding ring always had tons of dried dough in it from cooking so long.” Then the conversation turned not-so-flattering when he described to Kimmel her shortcomings in the looks department. “She was a very big small woman, who had arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger. … She was like an Ewok who had like Schwarzenegger arms.”

Something tells me she’d jerk a knot in his head with that dough-filled wedding ring if she was still alive. Check out the full clip above.