Will Mark Wahlberg Show Up for the Pope Film Fest Screening of Invincible?

He better!

Local chatterboxes are buzzing that Mark Wahlberg will appear on the red carpet tonight prior to the screening of his 2006 film Invincible during the World Meeting of Families Film FestivalThe film stars Wahlberg as a 30-year-old South Philadelphia bartender who beats the odds to play for the Eagles in 1976.

I’ve asked around to confirm and have only gotten one direct answer. A rep from his management team, Leverage, responded to an email inquiry with a curt: “He is definitely not going.”

Sharon Pinkenson, executive director of festival host Greater Philadelphia Film Office, offered at least a glimmer of hope. She responded to an email with a wink-and-smile “fingers crossed!”

To add fuel to the hope fire, local paparazzo HughE Dillon says he has it from a good source that Wahlberg is definitely going to be there.

So here we are, conflicted. Is the management team just telling me that to keep the crowds away? That’s what I’m hoping, because how rude would it be if he didn’t show up?! He’s slated to host the Festival of Families in Philadelphia on Saturday on the Parkway, and he’s definitely already in town. He was spotted earlier this week working out at The Sporting Club on Broad Street, and yesterday everyone was excited about him serving burgers at his likely new Wahlburgers location at the Piazza.


I understand why he wouldn’t want to sit through the whole screening. He’s probably seen the movie a million times. But how could he not show up for at least a little hello and a pose for HughE Dillon’s camera on the red carpet … before a movie that he stars in, that’s about the Eagles, and was filmed in Philadelphia? Come on!


The screening takes place at the Kimmel Center tonight, with festivities kicking off at 7 pm. Former Eagle Vince Papale is scheduled to attend the red carpet, as is other Eagles players throughout the years. More information, including showtimes and ticket links can be found here.