MTV Confirms Taylor Swift Did Not Pass Gas On-Air During VMAs

This year’s VMAs were full of mysteries: Was Kanye serious about running for president? Why was Justin Bieber crying? Did Taylor Swift fart on live TV?!

I wasn’t the only one to hear the strange noise. It came right as she squatted during the introduction of her new “Wildest Dreams” video. Twitter definitely heard it, too:

It caused enough of a stir that MTV felt compelled to release a statement making sure everyone knows that, no, Taylor did not crop-dust the MTV stage. According to the Mirror, “MTV confirmed that the sound heard in the moment Taylor Swift introduced her new music video … was isolated to a production microphone. There was absolutely no possibility of it being Taylor or anyone in her party’s microphones picking up ambient sounds.”

I don’t care what MTV says. I still think it’s true. Watch the video:

She definitely looks like she’s holding in something throughout the entire introduction, then she makes the unfortunate decision to squat and … well, we all know what happens then, because we all fart. Even Taylor Swift. Own it, girl.