You Can Order a Puppy Play Date Through Uber Today

From now until 3 pm today, your Uber app will double as a furry-friend finder.

The Philly branch of the on-demand car company is teaming with Pennsylvania SPCA to bring folks puppy play dates all day with the tap of a button. If you select the “Puppies” option in the app, Uber will deliver an adoptable pet to office sites in Center City, Northern Liberties, Fishtown and the Navy Yard. You’ll get 15 minutes of playtime for $20. All proceeds benefit the PSPCA.

The complete directions on how to get your pup time are pasted below. For more information, including a map of office sites, go here.


  1. Open the app from 11am to 3pm today in Philadelphia
  2. Request “PUPPIES” option in the app (Note: Puppies can only be delivered to offices)
  3. Enjoy 15 minutes of playtime for $20. All proceeds are donated to the PSPCA. 
  4. Before you request, make sure to have an enclosed space ready for playtime, there are no allergies and your coworkers are pro-puppy!