Philly Artist Illustrates New Jeb Bush Comic

PPJebBushIllustrations by a Philadelphia artist grace the cover and inside pages of a new comic book about GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush.

Titled Political Power: Jeb Bush, Joe Paradise’s cover shows Bush struggling to literally hold up his family name. “The thing that kept coming back to me was the pressure of taking the spotlight in the dominant dynasty in American politics,” says Paradise in a press release on his inspiration behind the cover. “So, we’re not just talking family pressure – we’re talking about something beyond comprehension for most everyday people.”

The logline for the work reads like this: “For the Bush family, legacy is a powerful word, hinting of destiny made manifest and the promises of generations kept. … But will the weight of legacy be too much for W.’s brother, John Ellis “Jeb” Bush? Can he forge his own legacy?”

The story was written by Michael Frizell and distributed by StormFront Publishing, who is responsible for a whole series of comic books that spotlight politicians, world leaders and cultural icons. Paradise has worked a handful of those, including works on Joe Biden and Rand Paul. He was one of a team to illustrate Female Force: Hillary Clinton, which brings to life the Democratic frontrunner in a whopping 96-page graphic novel. Political Power: Chris Christie is also available. It finds the New Jersey governor struggling to “navigate the often treacherous waters of presidential politics and remain New Jersey’s favorite son.”

And yes, there’s one on Donald Trump, too, which, I’m sure the floppy-haired candidate would attest, is the best-selling one out there.

Print copies are available via starting at $3.99.