Calvin Harris Comes to Taylor Swift’s Defense on Twitter, Quickly Puts Foot in Mouth

calvin harris zayn malik

Twitter wars are all the rage these days. Only weeks after the tweet-off between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, the Wyomissing pop princess finds herself embroiled in another—but this time as more of a third-party onlooker.

It all started with Zayn Malik, the former One Direction member who left the group in March to embark on a solo career with RCA Records. He simply retweeted a message from another user, comparing recent statements between Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift about the whole Spotify / Apple Music fiasco. The tweet insinuates that Taylor Swift can be kind of greedy.

Calvin Harris, DJ and Swift’s current love interest wasn’t having it. A host of tweets spewed forth from his account, standing up for Swift’s decision and telling Malik to mind his own 1-D business:

Malik responded with: “ha you just made an absolute fool of yourself mate … you clearly didn’t understand what I just said either.” Which sort of made Harris look like a dumbass, but then Malik had to take it a little too far, even going so far as to make a low-blow ageist remark about the 31-year-old DJ:

I’m not sure where that last statement came from, unless he was just drawing obvious comparisons to Meek Mill and Drake’s recent Twitter feud, which kind of begs the question: Are these guys making all this up to get attention? Harris quickly tried to put an end to the whole thing, taking the high road with ““all good, it was the quote not you personally mate” and “best of luck, genuinely. You’ve got a great voice.”

So far Taylor hasn’t bothered responding.