WATCH: Don Rickles Insults Questlove on The Tonight Show

Legendary comedian Don Rickles has made a career out of ribbing people—so much so that, in the comedy world, it’s considered a badge of honor to take an insult from the 89-year-old funny man. But his no-holds-barred jabs aren’t restricted to comedians. Last night, before he even got comfortable in his seat on the Tonight Show, he went straight for house drummer and Philly native Questlove, who had just finished playing Rickles’ intro music with the Roots.

“Gentleman, thank you,” Rickles said as the applause died down. “I love the drummer, really. God bless you. I spoke to the Barber Convention and they need you badly,” he said, calling out Questlove’s famous ‘fro, which, as usual, had a pick sticking out of it. “You’re a hell of a musician; good luck to you.” Then Rickles turned to host Jimmy Fallon: “He’s not that good.”

Then he moves on to Fallon, saying that he’s happy to be there for his audience of 12 and he even suggested that he made up the whole finger-injury thing for laughs. Check it all out above. The man’s still got it.

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