Meek Mill Drops Drake Diss Track

Produced by Chester's own Jahlil Beats, the Meek Mill diss of Drake is still probably not as good as Drake's "Back to Back."

Many people thought the Meek Mill/Drake feud was over when Drake dropped “Back to Back” earlier this week. The track — which featured a photo of Joe Carter celebrating his walkoff home run to beat the Phillies in 1993, which hurt — was generally regarded as excellent by the online commentariat. And of course it was! Drake is a huge pop star with an army of ghostwriters!

It also referenced a Tootsie’s, which unfortunately was not the South Street restaurant but a strip club in Miami. (It would’ve been so perfect if it were Ms. Tootsie’s!)

Anyway, last night Meek Mill released his response. He got a local heavyweight to produce it, too: Chester, Pennsylvania’s own Jahlil Beats (who produced “Ima Boss” — Meek’s hit with Rick Ross — and the classic “Tony Story”). It also samples The Undertaker’s theme music? As usual, Jahlil Beats is great.

Unfortunately, Drake’s diss is probably better than Meek’s. Obviously, we here in Philadelphia are on Meek’s side, but the Toronto rapper/Degrassi star is currently winning the feud, I guess.

Meek also debuted the song on New York’s Hot 97, which led West Philly rapper Chill Moody to ask why he didn’t do it on Power 99 or some other station in Philly. An excellent point!

Although popular opinion has Drake winning this feud, things may work out for Meek Mill, anyway. The other night, Hannibal Buress went into Beverly Hills and asked people who Meek Mill is. Nobody had any idea. But they’d certainly know his opponent.

Drake is an enormous pop star, beloved by kids and grandmothers alike. Drake is punching down in this feud. No matter what happens, Meek Mill has raised his profile, at the very least.

And maybe he’ll keep at it. As Black Thought once rapped, “That’s silly, this Philly, y’all really ain’t stoppin’ the bull/ With the pen like Willie on top of the Hall.”