Bradley Cooper Suing French Gossip Magazine Over Photo With Irina

Bradley Cooper, who is in Europe performing in The Elephant Man, was in Paris recently, when he was shot by paparazzi with his girlfriend, supermodel Irina Shayk. That photo later appeared in French gossip magazine Oops attached to the phrase “L’amour au grand jour,” which, loosely translates to “Love in the open.” That crossed a line, apparently.

Cooper is suing the magazine, because he says he’s never gone public about his relationship with Shayk, and the statement violates his right to a private life under French law. He’s asking for 11,000 euros in the case. More from Gossip Cop, who broke the news:

The magazine’s owner, FredericTruskolaski, doesn’t seem too fazed by the latest lawsuit, but still tells GossipCop, “We do not understand why BradleyCooper is suing us. Our story is based on the Spanish magazine Hola that shows clearly that Bradley and Irina are going out together.”

While it’s true that Cooper and Shayk are dating, France has strict privacy laws that state publications cannot print any information about the personal lives of celebrities. The Oops article … basically stated that Cooper and Shayk are in a “big romance,” but even that’s enough to get slapped with a lawsuit in France.

It’s a rather odd legal battle to get caught up in—especially since it’s no secret that the Cooper and Shayk are hot and heavy—but hey, why not squeeze a few thousand euros out of a sleazy gossip mag. It’s expensive over in Europe!