Jeremy Piven Says He Was Held “Hostage” on Stalled Plane at Philadelphia Airport

A British Airways flight traveling from London to New York City was diverted to Philadelphia Saturday due to bad weather, and one of the passengers, Entourage star Jeremy Piven, let the world know about it via Twitter.

According to, the hours-long ordeal started with the passengers being stuck on the runway for three hours. In a tweet that seems to have been deleted, Piven remarked: “Pilot refuses to fly to JFK here on British airways. People are starting to panic.”

At around 2 am, Piven and his fellow passengers were allowed to get off the plane, but they were held in a holding area, unable to just leave the airport and drive the two hours to NYC, because customs hadn’t opened.”Holding us for a total of 7 hours on the ground when immigration opens … holding us all hostage,” Piven tweeted. But he wasn’t the only disgruntled passenger. Check out this guy:

Customs eventually opened around 5 am, allowing passengers to re-book their final destination to NYC, or be shuttled via bus. British Airlines released this apology statement: “The captain of BA183 decided to divert the aircraft due to bad weather at JFK Airport. We’re very sorry for the delay to our customers’ journey but safety is always our top priority. Our staff looked after them, rebooking those with connections and arranging bus transfers to New York. All of our customers are now on their way to their destinations.”

Piven ended on a rather upbeat note:

The guy above made it safely to NYC, too. He looks much happier without that pillow in his face:

Touch down NYC !! #finally A photo posted by Wichares Bunjitpimol (@atomb_) on