Jon Stewart Compares Islam-Bashing Group to Philly Sports Fans

The topic of the opening segment of The Daily Show last night was Garland, Texas, where, on Sunday, two gunmen opened fire at an American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) event offering up a $10,000 prize for the best drawing of the Prophet Muhammad. Jon Stewart offered some practical advice to the shooters and anyone who may want to follow in their footsteps in the future: “I can’t believe we have to reiterate this,” he said. “It is not okay to shoot other people because you are offended by what they draw. Even if they drew it to offend you—no shooting of them.”

But the shooters weren’t the only ones he went after. Philly sports fans took some heat, too, when Stewart compared them to “active anti-Muslim group” AFDI, which, as Huffington Post points out, “has repeatedly tried to provoke and offend Muslims in the name of free speech.”

“AFDI is a First Amendment group the same way people from Philly are sports fans,” Stewart said. “Ostensibly, they like sports. But really they’re just looking for an excuse to punch a stranger and pour beer on someone’s baby.”


Check out the full segment in the video above.