Amy Schumer Tells Press She and Bradley Cooper Are Engaged

Amy Schumer, whose new show Inside Amy Schumer debuted Tuesday night, was pulling all kinds of crazy shenanigans on the red carpet of last night’s Time 100 gala in New York City. You likely saw this on social media, where she pretended to fall flat on her face in front of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West:

But Kimye weren’t the only celebrities subject to her buffoonery: Bradley Cooper got a taste of it, too. According to Business Insider, she started heckling the Jenkintown star right as he walked onto the red carpet, yelling his name like one of the fans waiting in line to see him. Cooper finally gave her a hug and posed for a photograph, but when he left, she told the press line that, “We’re engaged!”

Cooper and Schumer were both named to Time’s 100 list of most influential people in the world along with a handful of other Philly entertainers. The third episode of her Comedy Central sitcom debuted last night on Comedy Central, and promises more Philly connections, including a Bill Cosby sketch and one starring Upper Darby’s Tina Fey.