2015 Academy Awards Roundup: And The Winner of Most Boring Awards Show Of The Year Goes To…

Neil Patrick header crop

Neil Patrick Harris and Anna Kendrick during the Oscar’s opening number.

Neil Patrick Harris: I love you, but you were just dreadful last evening, despite your brief stint (no pun intended) in your underwear. Patricia Arquette totally rocked out major girl power. Gaga wore strange red gloves and then surprised the hell out of people later when she totally nailed an entire medley from The Sound of Music. People were uncontrollably bored as a whole. That essentially captures the highlights of last evening’s Academy Awards ceremony, which dragged on and on and on and on. The show finally came to life during a rousing performance of “Glory” by John Legend and Common during the last hour of the night, and the aforementioned Gaga number. Here, to save you the trouble of watching the first two and a half hours of the show on your DVR before things got really good, are our picks for the good, the bad, and the ugly of the night.


Giuliana Rancic from E! Network: People were raving about her red carpet look:


America Fererra: She stunned in her gorgeous emerald dress at the awards:

Lupita in her 6,000 Pearls: That’s how many were incorporated in her draw-dropping gown:

Patricia Arquette’s Speech Took Us To Church: Her rallying call for gender equality in America was met with a thunderous applause, and Meryl Streep and J-Lo going crazy in the audience:

That Lego Number Was Horrible (more on that later), But Those Lego Oscar Statues Were Awesome:

John Legend and Common: Both men, who won Best Song for “Glory,” very openly addressed the ongoing racial tensions in the country after a rousing performance of their song that didn’t leave a dry eye in the house:

Lady Gaga’s The Sound of Music Tribute: I’ll openly admit that I was in tears after Gaga shocked the hell out of just about everyone by singing an utterly gorgeous medley from the iconic movie musical celebrating 50 years. The icing on the cake? Julie Andrews emerging out of nowhere to hug her at the end:


Neil Patrick Harris: His humor just did not translate well to the evening’s festivities. So many of his jokes fell flat and he just felt out of place. His purposely awkward stint in his underwear was about as alive as he got all evening. The interwebs unfortunately agreed:





The Back of Marion Cotillard’s Dress: Let’s have this Twitter status summarize our thoughts on it:


Lady Gaga’s Red Gloves: Why?!? This after I named her “Best Dressed” at the Grammy’s a few weeks ago (and that AMAZING performance from The Sound of Music):

Oprah Didn’t Dig NPH’s Joke:


Yes, J-Lo Tripped On Her Dress: Here’s the GIF to prove it:


The Rain: It really wasn’t raining that hard, but you would have thought half of these celebrities were the Wicked Witch of the West given how they were flinching over the sprinkles (and those giant umbrellas…!).

Jimmy Kimmel Wearing Jeans: Yeah, the Internet didn’t dig that either:

Joan Rivers NOT on the “In Memoriam” Video: As she was would say, “Can we talk?”


The “Everything Is Awesome” Performance: What a strange, absolutely tragic, hot mess: