8 Artists Worth Going to Firefly to See

The annual Firefly Music Festival announced its lineup earlier this week—sans Paul McCartney, who was rumored to be there.

The Firefly Music Festival has been rising in popularity the last few years. In 2012, the first year, the Delaware festival drew 30,000. In 2014, the concert drew 80,000 attendees. It’s become quite the big deal!

This week, Firefly announced its lineup. It did not include Paul McCartney, who was rumored to be attending. But the official poster does include a blurred-out headliner act.


So who knows if that’s Sir Paul. But there are several acts I think it’s worth going to Firefly to see. Here are 8 in no particular order, starting with one man who will definitely be there …


Crap! Bad start. Talented, fickle Morrissey has pulled out of appearances before due to various conflicts. He even pulled out of his book deal at the last minute! But he’s on the poster, and Firefly puts on a good show, so he’ll be there. And if he somehow isn’t, then at least you’ll get to see a bunch of angry—sorry, melancholic—Morrissey fans.

Steve Aoki

Aoki was high on last year’s Made in America bill, and he’s made it pretty high on Firefly this year, too. But real reason to see Aoki is not to dance or see if his sister Devon is there. No, it’s to ask him what it was like to be the last person to perform at Revel.

Snoop Dogg

Is Snoop Dogg probably a little overrated as a rapper? Yes, absolutely. But I’d say he’s underrated as an entertainer. At last year’s Roots Picnic, Snoop put on a fantastic show. He doesn’t sound much different than he did as a kid, and he runs through his hits, says a few funny lines and talks about weed. It’s not quite Frank Sinatra, but it’s good.

Modest Mouse

You might know them as indie rock stalwarts for, like, two decades or you might know them as the band that did that “Float On” alt-rock radio hit more than a decade ago. The band was on hiatus from new material for the last few years, and now it returns with a new album on March 3rd and (presumably) will be making the festival circuit. Everyone loves comebacks!

Matt & Kim

So poppy! So peppy! So Brooklyn! This duo has a new, long-awaited album out, too.

Run the Jewels

The best rap duo out there right now, Run the Jewels—rappers Killer Mike and El-P—released one of the best hip-hop records yet this decade with 2013’s Run the Jewels. The sequel this year was also highly praised.

Charli XCX

Charli XCX was touted as a breakout pop act by several outlets over the last few years, but didn’t hit it big until 2014: She sang the hook on Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy.” Then she had her own hit, “Boom Clap.” Take off your rockist glasses and listen: Charli XCX’s songs are fun and catchy. She’s great.

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi is the only rapper on this year’s Firefly lineup who has also been on One Tree Hill. Do you need anything else?