Beyonce’s Newest Music Video Is Essentially 3.5 Minutes Of Her Dancing In Her Underwear

Beyonce Header

Queen Bee’s newest music video for her single 7/11 hit YouTube over the weekend, and, for lack of better words, it’s pretty much three minutes and 36 seconds of the pop star getting down while in her panties.

The track, which comes off the Beyonce Platinum Edition album, is what we’d come to expect from the singer…but the video is a whole other story. The title of the song references the popular drinking game 7/11 doubles (if you’ve never heard of it, here’s a tutorial on how to play). Fans on Beyonce’s YouTube page have mixed feelings on the video: some have called it the “Best music video I’ve seen in a really looong time,” while others think the video shows how Beyonce  is “down the drain, flushable with everyone else.”

We’ll let you be the judge!