Local The Voice Hopefuls Shine In Their Top 12 Performances

The Voice is coming down to the wire and the competition is really starting to get exciting. Like last year, with Christina Grimey and Audra McLaughlin, both our local singers have made it all the way to the top 12. This year, Matt McAndrew and DaNica Shirey hold down two of those coveted 12 spots. Last night, they got the chance to sing again and neither of them disappointed.

First up was Shirey, who picked “Creep” by Radiohead. It was a risky choice considering how much success she has had with classic R&B to this point. But in the trusty hands of Pharrell, how could she go wrong? They quickly rearranged the song to fit her singing style and what a pay off. They put a little old-school vibe on to the instrumentation and BOOM there is space for her voice to sail. No one can hit the big notes like this woman and her emotional end was haunting. Absolute home run.

Later on we got another performance from Matt McAndrew. Adam gave him “Take Me to Church” by Hozier. This is the first contemporary Top 40 hit we have seen Matt handle, but it was a good fit. The song has great variation, allowing him to show multiple sides. He started out tender and vulnerable, especially during the ‘amens’ after the first verse. Then he let it rip. He put everything in to this performance, even ending down on his knees. The juxtaposition between tender and powerful totally paid off.

Our local contestants keep getting stronger as the competition rolls on. Lets hope their risks pay off this week.