Blek le Rat Graffiti Shows Up Near 13th and Sansom Streets in Philadelphia

blek le ratWe got tipped off by Duross & Langel owner Steve Duross that a work by French artist and “Father of Stencil Graffiti” Blek le Rat showed up on a brick wall near 13th and Sansom streets in the Gayborhood this afternoon. According to Duross it is situated next to Bar Philly.

The image shows a man in a suit—who kind of looks like Bill Hader—playing violin while a bird rests on his shoulder. It’s intermingled with a mish-mash of tagging that’s been on the wall for some time. 

French artist le Rat is currently in New York working on a collaboration exhibit with the New York Academy of Art. The exhibition, titled “Blek le Rat | Escaping Paris,” opens on October 8th at the Quin Hotel in New York, and will run throughout the fall. He shared a prototype of the image that showed up on 13th Street on his Facebook wall earlier today.

Some local Instagrammers caught le Rat while he was working today: