Diplo Bans “Kandi” At Future Mad Decent Block Party Events

Kandi, a popular rave accessory, is banned after two more drug-related deaths.

Less than a week after Diplo was in Philly with his nation-touring Mad Decent Block Party, the DJ has announced that he’s banning “kandi” at all his future shows. The decision comes after two drug-related deaths earlier this month at a Mad Decent Block Party in Maryland.

Kandi, homemade bracelets that often adorn the wrists of rave-goers, is a popular accessory to wear and trade at EDM events. The bracelets, made with colored plastic beads, sometimes display names of DJs or phrases like “PLUR” (Peace Love Unity Respect), the unofficial mantra of the EDM movement. The jewelry, however, apparently doubles as the calling card of drug dealers at these concerts—worn to signify that they are selling.

Diplo’s ban on kandi was not taken kindly by ravers, and caused an uproar of very un-PLUR like responses across social media platforms. The Mad Decent label owner responded to disgruntled fans with the following Tweet:

“Not other stuff,” is presumably a reference to the club drugs polluting the block party and similar festivals, which Diplo obviously don’t got love 4.

The Mad Decent Block Party—which debuted in Philly—is touring through September.