Fishtown Buffer Turns Into Meme: No Art in the City is Safe!

Buffer Meme Header

It’s like a story out of a really bad independent movie (filmed on, like, no budget): random man decides to paint over what he thinks is graffiti in Fishtown.  Random man doesn’t realize that the “graffiti” is the Kurt Vile mural, a commissioned piece of art by Steve Powers.  Instagram blows up with pictures of said random man defacing the mural.  Random man caught red-handed.

Our coverage this weekend of this strange series of events turned, well, even stranger: a man, who identified himself as “Dumb Buffer,” issued an apology to the painter on our website.  It turns out “Dumb Buffer” is actually DJ Lee Mayjahs; local Philly writer Leah Kauffman confirmed his identity.  Mayjahs claimed to be quite remorseful of his actions and went so far as to call himself a “moron.”

Nevertheless, Philly Instagramers couldn’t let this one go.  Clearly, as evidenced by the pictures below, quite a few people feel like no art in the city is safe:

We reached out to the artist, Steve Powers; as of this publication, we haven’t received a response.  However, there’s an Instagram post circulating that claims to be a quote from Powers, summarizing his feelings on the entire situation: