There’s a Russian Version of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It’s called It’s Always Sunny in Moscow and, as this Philadelphia Reddit feed points out, it’s set in a bar called “Philadelphia.”

Here are some clips, with translations courtesy of Reddit user DrJigsaw:

Guy: “I’ve been dreaming for 10 years to return to that day, like this, graduation, with you in front of me and seconds before you dump me I get to tell you the most important 3 words.”
Girl: “Say them now.”
Guy:”Are you sure?”
Girl:”You, me, graduation, yeah.”
Guy:Axanna,(name) fuck off.

Girl:”So you feel nothing there?”
Guy:”Absolutely, the doctors tell me that only a miracle can help, that I should/have to wait for a very strong emotion. Like…
Girl:”Like what?”
Guy:”Like love for example… or at least sex.”
[announcer comes in]
Guy:”If I’ll never be able to walk again it’ll be on your conscience.”
Girl:”Go away / leave me alone.”

Girl:”Uh, me and brother were born at different time right?” (Or something like that anyway.)
Girl:”But me first, right? So I’m older?”
[Yes intensifies]
Guy:”No way! / That’s a lie!”
Girl:”But mom you yourself said…”

Hooked yet? Yea, me neither.