THIS IS GOING TO SELL OUT: Sun Ra Tribute at FringeArts

FringeArts is teaming with DJ King Britt (pictured) and performance artist Kate Watson Wallace  for what’s sure to be an otherworldly, almost assuredly sold-out event, “The Beautiful Noise: A Special Tribute to Sun Ra.” A little synopsis:

Curated by composer King Britt and Watson Wallace, electronic-based musicians, body-based performers and videos artists will improvise a never before, never again collision of artistic synergy in tribute to their music hero, jazz surrealist Sun Ra.

“The Beautiful Noise” pairs local and international artists who are heavily influenced by Sun Ra but might not otherwise work together to join in an improvised collaboration, emphasizing dance and music’s endless possibilities. The performance is driven by bits and pieces of electronic sounds from the Sun Ra palette and re-contextualized into new territory, accompanied by live video paying homage to Mr. Ra. After the performance, the audience is invited to stay for a dance party celebration with the artists.

Other artists taking part include percussionist Tendai Maraire, guitarist Vernon Reid and singer Imani Izuri.

The show takes place Friday, June 6th at 8 p.m. at the FringeArts building. For tickets and more info, go here.