Construction Finally Underway On 19th and Chestnut iPic Movie Theater

Goodbye, historic, falling apart Boyd Theater. Hello, iPic.

That’s right, construction has finally begun on the new iPic movie theater at 19th and Chestnut, where the Boyd Theater has been collecting dust (and rats) for more than a decade. The company has about a dozen locations across the country, from California to Florida.

iPic made the construction announcement on Friday and says that the eight-screen, 744-seat “luxury movie theater” is slated to open in 2015. I for one, can’t wait. We’ll let the film intelligentsia lament the passing of the Boyd.

Here’s what iPic promises:

• Plush, leather seats for premium seat ticketholders.
• Reclining, oversized leather chairs (seen here) for premium-plus ticketholders.
• Call buttons to summon servers, who will bring you food like lobster rolls and all sorts of cocktails and craft beers.
• 4K digital cinema technology in all of the screening rooms, which will hold between 40 and 120 people.
• Reserved seating via the iPic app.

Now I know where I’ll be seeing if Star Wars VII, which opens December 18, 2015, is as bad as I imagine it will be.