Movie-O-Meter: Comely Aliens, Gonzo Filmmakers, and Grizzly Bears

Our weekly round-up of new releases, ranked for your viewing pleasure, by their indispensability and watchability. Yes, we made up that word. 

1. Jodrowsky’s DuneA documentary about the legendary gonzo filmmaker, and his legendary unmade project. As close as you can get to seeing his vision for the novel on screen, sad to say. (Ritz at the Bourse)
2. Under the SkinA daring and provocative sci-fi film concerning a comely alien (Scarlett Johansson) who tools around Edinburgh, searching for men to seduce and annihilate. (Ritz East)

1. BearsDisney’s newest ‘real life’ adventure, involving those cuddly, sweet-faced super-predators earns a sterling 89% at, but your kids wouldn’t miss too much if they saw it at home. (UA Riverview)

1. TranscendenceJohnny Depp’s latest ego-warping vehicle involves him mind-melding with a computer. Earns a miserable 20% over at (UA Riverview, Pearl, Roxy)
2. A Haunted House 2Unless you have a thing for bottom-of-the-barrel “satire,” this follow-up to the equally lame original will leave you cold and grey. Earns a piddly 17% at (UA Riverview, Pearl, The Rave, UA Main Street)