Johnny Weir and Hubs Back Together [UPDATED]

UPDATE [4/14/2014, 4:53 p.m.]: Looks like TMZ had it all wrong. Johnny Weir is denying that he and husband Victor Voronov is getting back together. When asked by Access Hollywood if the rumors were true, he replied, “Nope. I had hope and Victor and I were talking about reconciliation, but it was for not. … I have been sad for a long time … and unfortunately don’t foresee a way to resolve our current marital issues.”


After all the embarrassing public bickering about fabergé eggs and who gets what birkin, it appears Johnny Weir and his husband Victor Voronov are back together. TMZ reports:

Multiple sources connected to the couple tell TMZ … over the weekend Victor and Johnny agreed to reconcile and Johnny plans to move back into the family homestead today. He was in L.A. shooting a show over the weekend.

Now the strings … we’re told Victor wants Johnny to sign a document agreeing to publicly apologize for all the nasty things he said about Victor. Johnny must also agree in writing that he will no longer let his mother meddle in the marriage … and she has to keep her nose out of their finances.

We like it when things are happy in Weir-ville.