The Vesper Club Friends and Family Party

The reimagined Center City supper club opens on Monday, but friends got a sneak peek last night.

Last night I attended a friends-and-family party at The Vesper Club, an old drinking establishment reimagined as a classy, modern twist on a private dinner club. Vesper, located at 223 S Sydenham St. (the alley that runs between Walnut and Locust, just above 15th Street), was founded in 1941 as one of the premier private supper clubs until it closed last year. Now reopened under new ownership, the three-level club offers lots of options: a main dining room, two bar areas, several lounges, and room where live music will be played and dancing is encouraged. On the third floor is an event space which can be rented out for parties. The remodeled club has retained some of its yesteryear glamour, from the flooring in the main bar — where the original Vesper insignia tile remains — to the Philadelphia mural which people always marveled at, to the original basement bar which is now known as the “speakeasy.” (To get down there you have to know the password which allows the hidden staircase to be revealed behind the bookshelf.) The Vesper Club officially opens on Monday, April 13th, at 4 p.m. To see more photos of the inside of the club check out today.

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