HughE Dillon: Zarwin Baum Hosts Political VIPs

Mayor Nutter mingles with City Council at networking event.

Last night, Philadelphia law firm Zarwin Baum hosted a meet-and-greet networking event with city leaders that was open to the public. At the unique cocktail party, many of our politicians, including Mayor Nutter, interacted with each other, when in other circumstances, they may be in each others’ crosshairs—especially with the news this week that newly elected City Council President Darrell Clarke (second from left) said he wants to end Philadelphia City Council’s longstanding three-month summer vacation and institute a few new changes to their schedule that will require them to put in more hours. Behind Clarke are State Rep. Tony Payton, Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr., Sharif Street, Councilman Bill Green, and Ted M. Schaer, of Zarwin Baum. The room was packed with the who’s who of politics including, from City Council, James Kenney and Mark Squilla (who both cut out early to attend a “save our schools” rally for Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Sacred Heart of Jesus in South Philly), David Oh, Blondell Reynolds Brown, Kenyatta Johnson, and Jannie Blackwell, along with Sheriff Jewell Williams, State reps Vanessa Brown, Louise Williams Bishop and Ed Covington, and DA Seth Williams, to name a few.