HughE Dillon: The Power Shift

Community leaders were honored at this party celebrating change in the Philadelphia community

Last night, Philadelphia-area movers, shakers and difference makers came out to the Loews Hotel, to honor six individuals who are changing the city. The Power Shift is an organization dedicated to strengthening the next generation of Philadelphia’s business, political and civic leaders. This year’s Power Shift party co-chairs are Dr. Keith Leaphart, president of Replica Creative Design and Print and a physician at BMRH, and Nicole Cashman, president of Cashman & Associates. Ed Rendell greeted the guests. Rendell noted special admiration for 2011 Power Shift honorees, District Attorney Seth Williams, Esq. He admires the work that Seth has done to change the way we look at the community and prevent crime. “I believe he will be the second best DA Philadelphia has ever seen,” Rendell joked.

Below: Margaret Hughes, deputy city representative; Jane Golden, executive director of the Mural Arts Program; and Melanie Johnson, city representative are making a difference in the lives of Philadelphians everyday. Jane Golden looks at every blank wall in the city as a potential canvas to create the next mural for her anti-graffiti program. The City Representative Office sets up programs for city-dwellers to enjoy. This past weekend more than 27,000 runners and more than 2,000 volunteers participated in the Philadelphia Marathon, an event overseen by the City of Representatives office. Next up Christmas Village opening at LOVE Park.

Below: This is one very political family—Nino Tinari, Carol Tinari, Nina Tinari, Mia Tinari, and Dave Fisher. Carol tells me the whole family, and a few friends gather at their house for Thanksgiving Day. They have it catered but traditionally she makes her grandmother’s sauteed onions and peas. It’s about the family, and she wants to spend every moment with them.

Below: Matt Goetting is the Vice President for Strategic Development of Girard College. He’s joined by Autumn Graves, president of Girard College, and Ann Aerts, partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Ann reminded me that we worked together on the Fairmount FCDC a decade ago, which resulted in Fairmount Ave being lined with beautiful trees and planters. We never could get funding for those snowflakes at the holidays! Autumn tells me that she is hosting her extended family of 20 for Thanksgiving this year.
Below: Bruce and Michelle Shannon tell me that they have a 27-year-old tradition of doing nothing on Thanksgiving. They turn off the phones, stay home in their jammies, watch Christmas movies, drink champagne and eat whatever they want (this does include turkey). Sounds dreamy.

Below: Jesse Rendell tells me that he is off to Florida to join wife Beka to spend Thanksgiving  in the sun. She’s already there, but is a firm supporter in all that The Power Shift stands for and didn’t want him to miss it. Another thing he’s not missing is the Eagles versus the Patriots on Sunday. He’ll be flying back in time for the game. He’s pictured here with Julian Duggan.

Below: Andrew Greenblatt, director of the Philadelphia Film Society; Pam Greenblatt; and Bob Lowery, VP of Business Development for Dive Visual. Andrew tells me they are already working on next year’s film festival. He’s also excited about the Philadelphia Film Society, which is a membership organization where you can see sneak previews of films,and sometimes meet the actors or filmmakers. Andrew tells me the PFS has a Cal Ripken record, where a movie has been shown at least every week since it’s inception in 2001.

Below: Justin Wineburgh spends Thanksgiving with the family, and then later in the weekend traditionally he spends it with his friends John and Lisa DeBella. Yesterday at LOVE Park, John DeBella hosted the 10th Annual John DeBella Turkey Drop, where he collected turkeys and donations for City Team Ministries, an organization that feeds the less fortunate in the Philadelphia region. Kate Wilhelm, senior vice president of business development at Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, spends turkey day with her family and then has dessert at the in-laws—or in this case, the future in-laws as she and Chris Chimicles are alter-bound in 2012.

Below: Speaking of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, Drew Becher was honored by the Power Shift. He certainly has made a power shift in the 18 months he has helmed PHS. The success of the pop-up garden at 20th and Market streets not only beautified that corner, but also helped City Harvest, which provides fresh produce for underserved city residents. Next up for Belcher: the internationally famed Philadelphia Flower Show in March.

Below: This year’s Power Shift focused on the importance of mentors, and how they help guide a person’s career and provide encouragement by giving them knowledge, advice, and resources to help a person achieve success in what they are doing. Each of the six honorees told stories of people in their lives that encouraged their growth along the way, to be fearless, to take chances. Seth Williams said his father told him, “Unless you are going to be part of the solution, then you forfeit your right to complain about the situation.” Cynthia Figuerosa, executive director of Congreso, who was honored for being a civic/community leader told the audience, “Stay focused on your mission. Don’t listen when people tell you, you can’t do something, especially when you know you are capable of doing it.” Other honorees last night included David Adelman, Troy Carter, Marc Manella, and Drew Becher. Happy Thanksgiving!