HughE Dillon: Eagles Wives Open Skin Palette

Michael Vick and more attend grand opening of Rittenhouse salon/spa

Dodging rain drops Friday night, I stopped by Skin Palette‘s grand opening party right off Rittenhouse Square (126 South 19th Street). Skin Palette offers spray tanning, a hydration chamber and more, and they do “photo rejuvenation.” Below: Philadelphia Eagles wife and Kendra co-star Julie Dorenbos, with the rest of the team, Michael Marzulli, Susie Celek and Amber Stires.

Below: Part of the salon’s construction team, T.J. Whelan, Anthony Dillon (no relation, but he does have those Dillon good looks), and Serafina hostess Courtney Grant. The place is really beautiful.

Below: Jessica Thompson and Philly Mag’s fashion editor Carrie Denny. Carrie tells me she went to school with Julie.

Below: David and Helen Shea, owners of O’Shea’s across the street at 19th and Sansom streets. They catered the party along with Saxbys. I was in heaven between the pigs in the blanket and the roast beef sandwiches and special sauce.

Below: Eagles offensive lineman Julian Vandervelde with fiance Paula LisenBee. When Julian was a senior at the University of Iowa last year, he sang the national anthem when President Obama visited the campus, and received a standing ovation. It’s good to know he has a solid career to fall back on.

Below: Jon and Julie Dorenbos, with Kijafa Frink and fiance Michael Vick. Mike told me he was feeling fine that evening, but couldn’t talk about whether he’d be playing on Sunday afternoon. Now we know he did play, and I am sad to hear he broke his hand while playing. Speedy recovery, #7.

Below: Javier and Kamille Hanson, with Amani Hassoun and Joselio Hanson. Amani is the face of Skin Palette, but that’s not her full-time gig; she’s completing her final semester in law school and soon will be a full-fledged attorney.

Below: Andrea Bolis and Eagles defensive end Victor Abiamiri came out to support their friends.

Below: Still a bachelor, former Bachelorette contestant Craig Robinson came out to support his good friend Susie. I love the purple jumpsuit Susie wore.

Below: Carmena Ayo-Davies, 3BG Marketing Solutions, and Samiyah Staten, CEO of Spa East. How about those eyelashes? WOW. Carmena is rocking PnkElephant earrings, which she bought at Kijafa Frink’s store on South Street. Samiyah tells me her necklace was purchased at a flea market years ago, to which I replied “Vintage.”

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