HughE Dillon: Design Home

A party launched the 10th annual design home in Haverford last Friday

This past weekend Philadelphia magazine’s 10th Annual Design Home opened in Haverford. In previous years, the house was always new construction, but this year a renovation project was on the drawing board. On Friday night there was an opening party to celebrate the completion of the project before the house opens to the public. One-hundred percent of the proceeds from the home tours (held through October 9th) will benefit the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House. Below: Special Events Coordinator & Communications Manager at Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House, Marlene Weinberg, capital campaign chairperson and McDonald’s owner, and Susan Campbell, executive director, Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House.

Below: Marian Conicella, publisher of Philadelphia, Victoria Widergren, of Waverly Custom Homes in Bryn Mawr, Diane Bishop of Diane Bishop Interiors, guest, Sherry L. Litwer, brand manager of home at Philadelphia, and Michael Haines, of Waverly Custom Homes.

Below: Kelly and Bill Yoh.

What a thrill for me to meet 6 ABC’s Jim Gardner, who came up to me and said, “Are you PhillyChitChat?” We follow each other on Twitter, and trust me, I am much more reserved now that I have a statesman following me. Here, Jim’s with Amy Goldman and Dana Falcione.

Below: Jerry Strauss, vice president of Anthony & Sylvan Pools, Susan Strauss, Tom Casey, vice president of Anthony & Sylvan Pools, and Amy Casey. The pool was gorgeous and even had a portion that was an infinity pool.

Below: Carol Drumstas, Brown-Forman Beverages, and Jimmy Contreras. Carol made sure the Sonoma-Cutrer, Chambord and Korbel was flowing.

Below: Jen and Dr. Brad Richman live in a house done by Waverly Custom Homes. They say they love the combination of new and old style, the warm atmosphere, and the details in their stone house.

Below: Al Parker, principal at General Counsel Legal Advisors, and Melissa Parker, Tymel Promotional Solutions, with Kim Beauvais and Darwin Beauvais, of Zarwin Baum.

Below: Megan Newbert, Rachel Miller and Lindsay Quinn, all of Diane Bishop Interiors, in one of the rooms they created.

Below: Shirley Sutow and Larry Sutow, director of retail sales at Capital Wine & Spirits. (The house also boasts a beautiful wine cellar, as well as a magnificent smaller version upstairs.)

Below: Hugh Laroque, senior account manager at Bob Wagner’s Flooring America, and Jennifer Laroque. Hugh and I had a great conversation about how much fun it was to grow up with the name Hugh and how often people would forget there were two H’s in the name.

The 2011 Design Home will be open for tours through October 9th. Tickets are $20 each, and all ticket proceeds benefit the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House. Get tickets here, or call 215-387-8431. Tickets may also be purchased at the door.

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