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Women vs. Men

City Life

The Holidays Are the Perfect Time to End Your Dead-End Relationship

Are you dating someone who is stuck in quick sand? You want marriage, but they need to think? You want forever, they are unsure. Do […]

City Life

Dispatch From the Front Line of the “You Are Not a Princess” Wars

On Wednesday, the Huffington Post published this story about a “pro-women” advertising campaign from a Kentucky-based all-girls prep school. Mercy Academy’s “You Are Not a […]

City Life

ThinkFest Snapshot: Tracey Welson-Rossman

We’re rounding up the reasons Philly Mag readers should not miss ThinkFest, our week-long event connecting the brightest minds and most innovative ideas in Philadelphia.  “As […]

City Life

Central PA Family Suing to Let Daughter Wrestle

It’s not been so long since we told you about Amanda Leve, the Philly girl who is awaiting permission to wrestle boys on behalf of […]

Lena Dunham
City Life

Lena Dunham on the Cover of Vogue? Is Hollywood Finally Getting It?

Hollywood and the fashion and beauty industries go hand in hand. Traditional beauty operates within a narrow scope, generally suggesting that women are seen as […]

Hannah Price’s series, City of Brother Love,
City Life

Catcalled Woman Photographs Her Catcallers

Photographer Hannah Price had never been catcalled until moving to Philadelphia and was so fascinated by the experience of being harassed that she decided to […]

City Life

9 Easy Ways to Divorce-Proof Your Marriage

With the divorce rates still hovering over fifty percent, couples are understandably wondering how to stay the course and beat the odds. Since length of […]

City Life

Men Are Toast. No They’re Not. Discuss.

A female student reported a sign of a harassing nature. Upon further investigation, it was determined the communication was not to be directed in a […]

City Life

Five Tips for Navigating the New and Complicated World of Sexting

Courting today is completely different than in years past. Texting has played a major role in changing how we communicate. No longer are relationships based […]

City Life

Five Ways Dating is Different Now for Women in Their 50s

Listen up ladies: 50 is the new perfect milestone in the dating world, and the men want you. The fact is that in 2013, middle-aged […]

City Life

Miss America Can’t Save Atlantic City

Wrapped in brown construction paper in my office are two Miss America composites that I bought last year from an antique store in Cape May. […]

City Life

Did Billie Jean King Really Win “Battle of the Sexes”?

Forty years ago next week, Billie Jean King joined the circus in order to be taken seriously. In front of a packed crowd of 30,000 […]

City Life

Redesigning Men to be 21st Century Dads

Since the paradigm of men earning the living and women being homemakers and full-time moms is being turned on its ear, how do men adjust […]

City Life

Is OKCupid a Haven for Scoundrels?

Adding to the already voluminous body of work dedicated to deciphering the strange and wonderful world of online dating comes a new analysis from the […]

City Life

Women Are the New Men

When Kate Taylor published her article in the New York Times about sex on college campuses it cut right to the loins of men. How […]