Central PA Family Suing to Let Daughter Wrestle

What are the boys so afraid of, anyway?

It’s not been so long since we told you about Amanda Leve, the Philly girl who is awaiting permission to wrestle boys on behalf of her Catholic school. Now there’s word that a Central Pennsylvania family is suing a public school there to let their daughter wrestle as well:

PennLive reports:

The girl, identified only as A.B., began wrestling when she was in third grade and was a member of the LeMars, Iowa, wrestling club in fourth and fifth grade where she practiced and competed against boys, the court complaint states.

In February when Angie Beattie inquired if her daughter could sign up for the middle school team in this year, she said she was told it was against district policy for a girl to be on the wrestling team. The policy prohibits female participation unless a team is specifically designated by the administration and school board as co-ed.

The family is seeking to have the policy declared unconstitutional, and is asking for an injunction so the girl can sign up for the middle school team next Monday and Tuesday.

The girl is represented by Philadelphia’s Women’s Law Project.