Five Ways Dating is Different Now for Women in Their 50s

50 is the new 35, and older women are hotter than ever. But times have changed.

Listen up ladies: 50 is the new perfect milestone in the dating world, and the men want you. The fact is that in 2013, middle-aged women just don’t look like they did 30-plus years ago: dowdy, housebound and watching soap operas. These women are worldly, and have degrees that they actually use, while looking young and fabulous.

Gone are the days when middle-aged women walk around in gabardine pantsuits and silk shirts, sporting short hair and way too much foundation. Today, these ladies might be wearing ripped jeans, and a hip and cool flowy top, sporting long hair with highlights and a Brazilian wax (for only some to see). The modern sexy woman may also be a business leader. Yes indeed, 50 is definitely the new 40 (if not 35). Women’s looks, attitude, education and drive for success are drawing in men of all ages, who want to date them. Companionship studies show that 25% of men and women who are baby boomers are single, so for those looking to meet a significant other in this age group, there are plenty of choices.

When the big 5-0 hits, admittedly, it can be a bit depressing as you’ve officially hit the AARP milestone (not to mention that there are now age-specific dating sites and even toothpaste specifically for you). Ladies take in this bit of empowering news: Men are no longer looking to date women their daughter’s age. Fifty is the perfect stage of life for women, and men are seeking them out for relationships. They are mature, working (at least looking to) and for the most part are empty nesters. Women in their 50s have lived life and are a bit more reality-based then their younger counterparts. The best news is that their biological clock is done ticking, so no fear of more little ones!

Thankfully, the 1960’s are over as far as how women present themselves, and what they need a guy for. No longer are men required to make ends meet for a couple. Many a man only winds up seeing the red soles of the millennial woman’s Louboutins as she is climbing the corporate ladder, smashing her way through the glass ceiling. Women are now setting the pace in the boardroom and bedroom. They are the ones dictating how the relationship will flow, when to and not to have sex and if commitment is even part of the equation.

Here are a few things women do have to get used to as they pursue the dating world in their 50 that were never part of the thought process when they were younger.

  • Condoms: It is a new world out there. The pill and diaphragm ain’t gonna cut it. Wearing a rain hat must be standard operating procedure until you are in a committed exclusive relationship.
  • A good night kiss is not enough. After two or three make-out sessions, it’s either to the bedroom or to the front door. The touchy-feely part of courtship is a thing of the past.
  • Splitting the check at dinner or even the woman picking up the check is now part of dating protocol. Incomes have started to equalize, as have the rules of the road.
  • Chivalry is not dead, but… certainly women ought to be ready and able to open their own car door and speed up when the man is walking first (or the screen door might get slammed in their face).
  • Getting naked is not as thrilling as it was in your 20s. There are certainly a few more curves and wrinkles on both of you. Ladies, accept your body for the way it is and realize that his is no better. No need to purchase black out blinds or wear Spanx 24/7. The guys are certainly not wearing baseball caps to cover up their bald spots.

The half-century mark is a liberating moment for women. They are at the perfect stage of life and should make the most of their beauty, brains, independence and confidence. Men are looking for the whole package and this age group can indeed provide it all.