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Braving Irene: What’s Open #OpenInPHL & What’s Closed #ClosedInPHL

So you want to know what bars and restaurants are open as we face down Hurricane Irene? We’ll be posting to this Twitter feed and […]

City Life

Monitoring Hurricane Irene in Philadelphia

The Scoop wants you to stay safe during Irene’s rain of terror (see what we did there?) and there’s no better way to do that […]

City Life

Sorry, Hot Weather In the Summer Isn’t News

Gary Kirkpatrick runs Ned’s Bar in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. If you stopped in for a cold one recently, Gary would have gladly given you the rundown […]

City Life

“Frostpocalypse” Just Doesn’t Sound Quite As Awesome As “Snowpocalypse”

The National Weather Service has issued an “urgent” warning. There may be frost! The horror! [National Weather Service]

City Life

The “W” Word

It was Tuesday. The day the blizzard was supposed to descend on the Philadelphia area. The TV weather people warned that it was going to […]

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Bemoaning Winter Weather

Ever notice how many negative catch-phrases are associated with “snow?” Snow job. Snow (cocaine.) Snow (static on the TV screen.) Snowbound. Snowstorm. Snow-blind. SNOW (Social […]

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Snow Emergency No Concern at Temple

Today, the city declared a snow emergency and SEPTA was forced to suspend service on all buses and trolleys and delay trains. But Temple University […]

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Snowmaggedon? Please.

I feel like all I’ve heard on the news this winter and last are nonstop reports of upcoming possible snowstorms that have been built up […]

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Philadelphia’s Weather Forecasters: Who Gets It Right?

John Bolaris almost made me wreck my car. I was listening to Howard Eskin on WIP. Like more and more people in Philadelphia, I only […]

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Politics and Mother Nature

The snow from the holiday blizzard has all but melted away, but the politics of snow remains. Two politicians who have been touted as presidential […]

City Life

Do Humans Cause Global Warming? I Have No Idea

There is a story about the great Greek philosopher Socrates who went on a search for the wisest man. During a long journey visiting scholars, […]