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LGBT Homebuyers Have A New Tool to Help Find the Right Place to Live

If you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, you will have no problem buying a home in Philadelphia. That’s because the city includes sexual orientation and […]


The Condo Fees Are Too Damn High

Death, taxes and homeowners association fees. Two of those three are absolute certainties in life, but owners of condominiums or homes in developments with community […]


Single and Looking for Love in Philly? You’re In Luck

If you fear your impending “singleness” this upcoming Valentine’s Day, stop it right now. You’re not alone – apparently a large portion of your fellow […]


Survey Finds Fewer Obstacles to Getting an Apartment Here – But It’ll Cost You, Another Study Says

With builders seemingly falling over one another to bring new multi-unit residential properties on line in Philadelphia, it maybe should not come as much of […]


Schools Are a Big Home Selling Point in Montco and Other Tidbits

Is back to school season really just a few weeks away? Unbelievable. What might be more believable, however, are the numbers crunched in a new […]


Zillow + Trulia = Godzulia?

The cover alone has been making waves, but it’s the inside headline that really has people talking: “Zillow Shares Could Fall By Half.” When Barron’s […]


Clash of the Real Estate Titans: Zillow vs. Trulia

Zillow.com and Trulia.com are the two most popular real estate websites, where the majority of consumers go when they’re trying to find a home to […]

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Real Estate Ads: Hipsters, Dogs and Pregnant Bellies

Videos are fun, and we’ll get to those in a minute. But first, a primer for those who need one: Real estate portals are consumer-friendly […]


Map: Neighborhoods With the Highest Rents

Last months’s national rental rates rose by 3 percent year-over-year — but not in Philadelphia. According to Trulia, the city’s rents actually decreased by .1% percent (hey, […]


How Much of Your Monthly Income Should Be Spent on Rent?

We’ve all heard the different calculations: You’ll need to spend a third of your salary on rent. Or don’t spend more than half. No, it’s […]


On the Road to Recovery or Desperation? Either Way, It’s a Seller’s Market

Real estate website and research powerhouse Trulia keeps track of the housing recovery with its complex barometric tool (left) inspired by the mechanical engineering of […]

rent vs. buy

Rent vs. Buy: Which Is Cheaper in Philadelphia?

Trulia has a helpful new tool on its website that allows users to enter certain variables in markets across the country and determine which is […]