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Be Well Philly

How to Gently Break Up With Your Therapist If You’re Not Vibing

Finding a therapist can feel overwhelming (lucky for you, we put together this nifty guide to help streamline the process). So, when you finally land […]

Be Well Philly

10 Ways to Keep From Falling Apart When the World Seems to Be Doing Just That

If we’re being honest, life as of late has felt like a nonstop series of unfortunate events. As if you don’t need reminding, the United […]

Be Well Philly

This App Created by a Former CHOP Nurse Lets You Virtually Play With Puppies

Growing up, I never had a dog, despite writing “Golden Retriever Puppy” at the very top of my Christmas list every year. (Thanks, Mom and […]

Be Well Philly

These Philly-Area Sports Therapists Are Here to Support Athletes’ Mental Health

For most athletes, being in the spotlight comes with an immense amount of pressure. Whether it’s overcoming an injury, game-day anxieties, or the overwhelming fear […]

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Need a Therapist? Try the App Store

Here’s something that’s unexpected: The App Store might hold the key to unlocking your deepest emotional hang-ups. There are dozens of apps catering to your […]