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Starting Tomorrow, You Can’t Smoke Within 25 Feet of a Starbucks*

As of Saturday, June 1st, this is no longer allowed. At least that’s according to Starbucks, which is imposing a ban in the U.S. and […]

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4 Extreme Ways Companies Have Restricted Smoking on the Job

  Next year, states will begin implementing major provisions of the Affordable Care Act, the most controversial of these being the “individual mandate”—which requires all […]

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Will Penn’s Smoker Ban Even Work?

Back in October, the University of Pennsylvania held a massive conference extolling the virtues of the class of drugs known as psychedelics. Finally, I thought, […]

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Philly’s Cigarette Smoking Rates At Lowest Point in Recent History

Philadelphia, I’m so proud of you. Like me, you’re kicking the cigarette habit, and in greater numbers, too. According to new data released today, smoking […]

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President Obama Made Me Quit Smoking

Anyone remember that enormous federal tax hike that President Obama instituted just 16 days after he entered office? I do, because I’m a cigarette smoker—or […]

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Cape May Bows to Smoking Canadians

In February, Cape May’s city council voted down a smoking ban on its beaches. So, good news: You can’t take the Jersey out of Jersey, […]

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Smokers Need Not Apply for Doylestown Jobs

A new measure prevents smokers from being considered for job openings in Doylestown Township. The rule won’t be applied to current employees and will not […]

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The CDC’s Anti-Smoking Ads Are Bad for Your (Mental) Health

A message to the Centers for Disease Control: We get it. Smoking is bad. Really bad. We’re glad you want to save us from damaging […]


Could Smoking Bars Make a Comeback?

Over at the Philly Post Victor Fiorillo reports that the city has begun to entertain requests for exceptions from the smoking ban, something it hadn’t done since […]

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Will Smoking Make a Comeback in Center City?

Remember the old days of Philadelphia, where you could light up a cigarette pretty much anywhere? It seems like just yesterday that I was sucking […]

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Smoking Banned in Cape May?

In a preliminary vote, Cape May City Council voted 5-0 to ban smoking on public beaches and in a number of other public parks and […]

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Why I’m Hoping Big Tobacco Wins in Court

The other night, my wife and I sat down to watch True Grit with Jeff Bridges, an event that we’d both been looking forward to […]

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The Check-Up: Another Good Reason to Quit Smoking

With school back in session this week, it’s fitting that today’s health headlines are all about kids. The top story making the rounds is about […]

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Wait … So You’re Saying Cigarettes Kill?

So I should begin by saying that there are few things that I hate in this life as viscerally as I hate cigarettes. Aside from […]

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Show of Lungs: Who Still Thinks Smoking’s Cool?

Despite being in my mid-30s, I don’t consider myself to be completely out of touch with youth culture. I can name the American Idol finalists. […]