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City Life

Gift Ideas: 8 Presents That Are Uniquely Philly

A customer of mine from Denver visited me in Philadelphia recently and hired my company for a good project. I want to send him a […]


Six Pack: Scrapple, Whether You Like It or Not

Scrapple is a polarizing food. Some hear the world scrapple and think “I don’t even want to know what that is made out of” and […]

City Life

Why Isn’t There a Good Way to Get From Philly to New York?

Toll Brothers is heading to New York to work on a big, new construction project. Good for them. I hope they succeed. The building industry has […]

City Life

Mitt Romney Can Convince America Big Business Isn’t the Enemy

Last week, on a conference call with members of the National Federation of Independent Businesses, presidential candidate Mitt Romney promised that small businesses would have […]

City Life

Five Ways You Can Turn the Pope’s Philly Visit Into Cash

After blowing us off in 2008, choosing instead to take what must have been a divine form of the Acela Express from New York straight […]

City Life

Congress’s Duh Moment: The U.S. Wants Smart Immigrants!

My freshman year calculus class had about 500 people in it, and we attended our lectures in a large auditorium three times a week. It’s […]

City Life

Big Business Is Not America’s Enemy

When I worked in the Philadelphia office of KPMG, the big international accounting and consulting firm, there was one senior manager who made me report […]

City Life

10 Classes Every Business School Should Be Teaching

Our country is in an education crisis! Students are graduating without jobs and owing punishing amounts of debt. Tuition continues to spiral out of control. […]

City Life

You Think Philly’s Corrupt? Try Doing Business in China

A powerful government official becomes involved in a murder scandal that threatens the Chinese hierarchy. A blind activist shines light on the country’s harsh human […]

City Life

What to Do if You Become Internet Famous

Back in December I wrote this blog post and it went viral. To date, there have been close to 700,000 views and countless other reproductions on […]

City Life

Gordon Ramsay Will School You

Last weekend, my wife and I caught up on the last four episodes of Mad Men. Yes, things started out slow, but as usual we’re […]

City Life

Don’t Be Fooled by These 10 Misleading Economic Indicators

We all hear plenty of economic data every week. And recently, the news reports have been generally positive. Increased retail sales. Decreasing unemployment. A higher […]

City Life

10 Ways to Profit From the Phillies

Duffy’s Irish Pub in Washington D.C. announced a new promotion last week. Every time former Phillie Jayson Werth homers for the Washington Nationals, anyone in […]

City Life

Want a Job? Give Me Access to Your Facebook Page

We call her Aunt Dolores but she’s really not our Aunt. She is … now see if you can follow me … the 70-year-old sister […]

City Life

Technology’s Changed Since Mad Men. Has Yours?

They’re back! Sexist comments. Bourbon at 10 a.m. Lighting up a Pall Mall whenever you want. No, this isn’t the Red Sox locker room. It’s […]