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City Life

11 Things You Need to Know to Get a Job

My business is part of the unemployment problem in this country. I’ve had 10 people in my company for as long as I can remember. […]

City Life

8 Reasons to Be Terrified of the Bad Economy

Last week my teenage daughter and I visited the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. The Haunted Mansion? Really fun, but not very scary. Space Mountain? Pretty good, but […]

City Life

Why Most Small-Business Owners Didn’t Vote for Rick Santorum

Although the data may never be fully known, I believe that the majority of people who own a small business did not come out and […]

City Life

President Obama Was One of 27 People Who Lied to Me This Week

Want to own a small business? It’s not as romantic as you may think. Very few entrepreneurs go on to become the CEOs of publicly […]

City Life

Will Deepening the Delaware River Bring Big Money or Poison the Water?

In 2002, the Phillies finished with a record of 80-81 and 21-and-a-half games behind the first place Atlanta Braves. Their renaissance was still five years […]

City Life

The (Really) Immaculate Reception

The Super Bowl is only a few days away. What’s your favorite all-time moment? Roger Staubach’s Hail Mary pass to Drew Pearson? James Harrison’s 100-yard touchdown […]

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Obama Is Not Helping Small Businesses

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to sell one of our database software products to a prospect with about 30 users. My heart […]

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Paul Krugman Knows What $15 Trillion Is

We’re less than two weeks into 2012 and already we’ve hit a new low. And I’m not just talking about Snoop Dogg’s recent appearance on […]

City Life

Why I Didn’t Buy My Last Fridge at Sears

Here’s a myth: A box of baking soda keeps a refrigerator smelling fresh. Maybe that’s the case for some people, like New Yorkers who eat out most […]


Scrapplefest Recap

One of the things we may be guilty of at Foobooz is not looking back at some of the great events we’ve touted. But that […]