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City Life

Kevin Johnson Resigns at Bright Hope Church

It’s been a stunning rise and fall for Kevin Johnson, the pastor of Bright Hope Baptist Church: He started the year preparing to run a […]


Penn Professor: Many Faith-Based Colleges Shouldn’t Be Accredited

In an essay Monday in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Penn English and education professor Peter Conn writes of “The Great Accreditation Farce.” His take: […]

City Life

Methodist Church Lets Frank Schaefer Return to the Pulpit

Great news: This morning, The United Methodist Church voted to let Lebanon, Pennsylvania Pastor Frank Schaefer return to the pulpit. Schaefer was famously defrocked last winter for […]

City Life

PA House Passes “In God We Trust” Bill

“Legislation that would allow schools to display the national motto “In God We Trust” and the Bill of Rights passed the state House on Monday […]

City Life

Muslim Inmate Sues for Religious Right to Conjugal Visits

A three-judge panel has ruled that a Muslim inmate can make the case that federal religious freedom laws allow him to conjugal visits with his multiple […]

City Life

We Want Answers: Naomi Adler, the First Female CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia

You’re moving here from Westchester County, New York, to take this job. Philly can be frosty to outsiders. Are you worried? Oh no, I’ve already […]

City Life

I’m Agnostic, and I’m Hoping Pope Francis Comes to Philadelphia

Let’s get something straight: I know the Pope is Catholic. This means a few things: I never expect him to adopt the conventional American Liberal […]

PGW sign
City Life

Suit: PGW Demoted Muslim Man Who Wouldn’t Shave His Beard

Philadelphia Gas Works employee Karim Burke has filed a federal lawsuit against the gas company, alleging that PGW demoted him because he wouldn’t shave his […]

Things to Do

ICE BREAKERS: Son of God Stars
Roma Downey and Diogo Morgado,
and Producer Mark Burnett

Before interviewing movie stars in town for press junkets, Philly film critic Piers Marchant warms them up with a list of themed, rapid-fire questions. This […]

City Life

DISPATCHES FROM PENNSYLTUCKY: PA Church Kicks Out Young Member for Being Gay

Here we go again. Ambassador’s Bible Chapel in Manchester, Pa., is making headlines this week for revoking the membership of a longtime worshiper because he’s gay. […]

City Life

Philadelphia Kinda Sorta Knows the Bible

The American Bible Society has produced its list of Most- and Least-Bible-Minded Cities in America: Philadelphia isn’t on either of them. But we are on […]

City Life

Broad Street Ministry Ordains City’s First Openly Gay Minister

The Inquirer reports that David Norse, 27, has been ordained by Broad Street Ministry as the city’s first openly gay minister. “While David’s sexual orientation is […]

City Life

Local Church to Ordain Philly’s First Openly Gay Presbyterian Minister

Here’s another happy story to end the year with. I just got an email and press release from Broad Street Ministry (BSM) Covening Minister Bill […]

City Life

Defrocked PA Pastor Offered Job in California

Rev. Frank Schaefer — the man who was defrocked by the Methodist Church last week after officiating the marriage of his gay son — has […]

City Life

The Dilemmas of an Agnostic Christmas: What Do We Tell Our Son About a Faith We no Longer Share?

“Daddy,” my 5-year-old son asked me on Friday. “Why do we celebrate Christmas?” This was a question I’d been expecting for a few weeks — […]